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In the iterative update, "bee" surging fashion industry, quickly occupy a circle of fans! Today, Oufeng Mingbu will bring this lucky symbol to everyone who understands this beauty

when we talk about bees, we often think of little bees who are industrious in collecting nectar, but do you know that this kind of little life is still closely related to the power of emperors

it is said that in France in the 18th century, the bee was Napoleon's lucky symbol. He wore a bright red court uniform to fight everywhere. The little bee logo was embroidered on his cloak, representing invincibility forever. Therefore, Napoleon's empire regarded it as a symbol of supreme power, and even the family Badge was a golden bee

Napoleon's royal family's love for bees also stimulated the infinite imagination of major brands on bee elements, and quickly occupied a circle of fans in the iterative updating and "bee" surging fashion industry! Today, oufengming will bring this lucky symbol to everyone who understands this beauty

fashion show

at first glance, it is retro and luxurious

at second glance, it is exquisite and special

it is that people can't take their eyes away once they see it


bee story_ Smart romance

as a classic brand element born in the 1970s, smart bees on gucci bags and accessories is Alessandro Michele's contemporary interpretation of animism, and is also endowed with the romantic mission of spreading love and beauty


bee story_ Classic luxury

in Mr. Christian Dior's hometown, the little bees flying in the rose bushes in the Granville garden are diorhomme's iconic elements, flying on the Chinese clothes in many graceful and elegant forms, such as exquisite embroidery, printing, accessories and so on


bee story_ The inspiration of high-end fashion

fabric design is inseparable from fashion art. Oufengming absorbs the artistic spirit of ancient European royalty, integrates into the fashion culture of modern international brands, and integrates bee elements into fabric art in the form of exquisite embroidery, becoming one of the classic elements of 2111 series

high end comfortable Italian velvet with fashionable lucky bee yarn symbolizes dignity, refinement, authenticity and eternity. At the same time, it is also a gift of nature, always pursuing fragrance and beauty, and lighting up your life

gold is gorgeous and dazzling

purple is romantic and smart

green is natural and fresh

blue is elegant and noble

the collocation of the whole curtain is fresh and lively, full of vivid poetry, full of fantasy and retro romance of life, deducing the new charm of the long spiritual core of bees

the beautiful bee gauze can be matched with French, new Chinese, modern light luxury and other styles to fly into the home in a gorgeous and dazzling manner, reflecting the unique fashion classics and bringing you exquisite life enjoyment

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