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With the improvement of the quality of life, people's functional requirements for the wardrobe are also increasing. It is not only required that the wardrobe can accommodate clothes, but also beautiful and chic. Therefore, many customized wardrobes are loved by market consumers. Today, Xiaobian will analyze the effect of some wardrobe design drawings and the precautions for choosing wardrobe

effect analysis of wardrobe design drawing

wardrobe design drawing 1

first of all, the design of the whole wardrobe is simple and clear. A clothes hanging rod is set in the middle of the wardrobe, which can hang clothes that are easy to wrinkle on the rod with a clothes hanger. Next, there are drawers, which can be used to put some private clothes, such as underwear and underwear. Other compartments can be used to place folded clothes that are not easy to wrinkle

there is a large space in the middle of the wardrobe, with many compartments, which can place larger clothes. While the space on both sides is small, you can put some household sundries, such as spare pillows, air-conditioning quilts and thin quilts

wardrobe design drawing 2

this is a wardrobe with small accommodation space. The wardrobe can be opened and closed conveniently and quickly, and can be dragged directly left and right. It is divided into left and right parts. Pillows, blankets and other bedding can be placed on the top of the wardrobe; The middle part can be used to place clothes; At the bottom, you can also put some storage boxes or shoes that have not been washed and worn. At the same time, some potted plants can be placed on the right side of the wardrobe for decoration

wardrobe design drawing 3

this is a fully functional wardrobe, which is equipped with many hanger rods, which can be used not only to hang coats, suits and some clothes that are easy to wrinkle, but also to hang scarves; Ties and bath towels can be placed on the right side of the cabinet, while bathrobes and home slippers can be placed on the left; Other compartments can not only place suitcases and women's backpacks, but also place multiple storage boxes

what should we pay attention to when selecting wardrobe

1 Pay attention to observe the section of the wardrobe board to see whether it uses particleboard or high-density board. If you can see small pores, it means it is made of particleboard. This material structure is not compact, and the gravity it can bear is relatively small. The service life of the wardrobe made of it is short. The wardrobe made of high-density board has long service life and strong bearing capacity

2. When selecting a wardrobe, open the door directly and open the drawer. If it emits a strong stimulating smell, it indicates that its formaldehyde content exceeds the standard and is not suitable for purchase. At the same time, choose a regular company with material inspection certificate to purchase, so as to ensure the material safety of its wardrobe

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is Xiaobian's analysis of the effect of some wardrobe design drawings and the introduction of some precautions for choosing wardrobe. I hope it can be helpful to friends who are troubled in this regard. If you want to know or consult more relevant knowledge, please pay attention





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