No matter how beautiful the words praise, the door

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No matter how beautiful the words praise this door, it's pale

winter solstice. CCTV's 2016 Spring Festival Gala public service advertisement "door" officially started shooting, warm expectations! "Door" tells five true and touching stories through five stories about "door", hoping to convey the most authentic love and warmth during the reunion of the Spring Festival. What story will you think of when you hear "door"

there are natural emotional transitions and real emotional interactions between people and between different doors. Originally, it was just the door of an objective object, but because of its relationship with people, it has soul and temperature. It tells joy, collects memory, opens joy, and reads expectations... The New Year bell is about to ring. In 2016, Yige cloud wooden door will open any door for you

there is movement in silence, hardness and softness

deep in detail, infinite charm

simple and elegant, thrilling

lines flow, giving visual beauty

no matter how beautiful words praise this door is pale





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