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Wuxi Vanke Xincheng Road was accused of poor decoration quality, and the owner refused to take the house back.

recently, Ms. Qin from Wuxi called to complain that the house she bought in the local Vanke Xincheng Road had many decoration quality problems, including uneven indoor walls, broken tiles, cracked washbasin tops and other decoration defects, and the indoor air quality did not meet the standard. The owner said that the most unacceptable thing is that the balcony space is occupied by nearly half of the air-conditioning units, "this so-called equipment platform is just outside the children's room." In response to the owner's complaint, the real estate channel of chinanews.com contacted Wuxi Vanke Xincheng Road. The relevant person in charge of the project promised to reply to the problems reflected by the owner. Two or three days have passed since the press time, and the reporter has not received any reply from Wuxi Vanke

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the owner of Wuxi Vanke xinchengdao reported that there were many decoration quality problems in the purchased housing, and the owner did not reply after several rights protection negotiations

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according to the owner, it was found that there were many decoration defects in the house, such as too wide door seams, uneven wall decoration, broken door stones and so on. Vanke xinchengdao was exposed to have multiple quality problems

no fruit owners refused to accept the house after negotiation

a few days ago, Ms. Qin from Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, made a complaint call to the real estate channel of chinanews.com, saying that there were multiple quality problems in the houses she purchased. According to Ms. Qin, a year ago, she bought a 135 square meter house at Vanke Xincheng Road in Wuxi. At the end of May this year, it was time for the delivery of buildings 1 and 5. During the collection process, many owners, including Ms. Qin, found that the long-awaited new house was not as beautiful as expected

Ms. Qin, the owner, said on the phone, "I smell a strong smell in the room as soon as I enter the room". Therefore, the owners invited a professional quality inspection company to test the indoor air. The test results show that the indoor air contains formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), among which the contents of formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC exceed the national standards

at the same time, the owner also found decoration defects such as uneven indoor walls, broken tiles, cracked washbasin countertops, and too wide door seams during the process of house collection. Moreover, the property fee was charged on June 1 when the house did not meet the delivery standard. According to Ms. Qin, the decoration problem "has my home and others' homes. Everyone's situation is similar. Almost no home is decorated very well."

however, the above decoration problem is not the most important. According to Ms. Qin, the main reason why her family refused to accept the room was that the balcony was occupied by an air conditioner. It turned out that the south balcony of the owner of Building 5 was separated into two spaces by an iron railing, and nearly half of the balcony was occupied by three air-conditioners. "The noise, heat and vibration of the air conditioner will affect life. The key is that the three external machines are next to the children's room." Ms. Qin said, "this problem is unacceptable. Who can live in such a balcony?"

according to the owner's description, recently some of their owners have organized several rights protection, asking the developer to solve the problem. "The decoration standard of 1800 yuan/square meter is very poor, and the design is seriously flawed. We asked the developer to rectify and deal with it, and no one gave a reply." Ms. Qin said

Wuxi Vanke promised to reply but made a slip of the tongue

the lawyer reminded the buyers to sign the contract carefully and inspect the house carefully

in response to the above problems mentioned by the owner, the reporter of the real estate channel of chinanews.com contacted Ms. Li of the customer relations department of Wuxi Vanke Xincheng Road by telephone. The owner mentioned the occupation of the balcony by the air conditioner and many other quality problems, and the responsible person said that the above problems would be recorded and reported to the company, Then give a reply to the reporter

the next day, Ms. Chen, who claimed to be the contact person of Wuxi Vanke media, called the reporter and promised to reply to the questions asked by the reporter that day. However, two days had passed before the press release, and the reporter did not receive any reply

for a long time, owners have encountered many decoration quality problems in house collection. For this reason, an Baishan, a lawyer of Beijing hanzhuo law firm, once reminded buyers through the real estate channel of chinanews.com that the contents agreed in the contract must be specific when signing a house purchase contract, such as decoration standards, liability for breach of contract and other contents must be specific and clear, and cannot be summarized in vague words such as high-end decoration and serious liability, otherwise it is difficult to define liability in the future disputes

in addition, before buying a house, you should carefully check the planning drawings and architectural design drawings, and the unreasonable design of public facilities can be avoided. Careful acceptance at the time of delivery can also avoid some housing quality problems. For structural problems, the developer should be required to repair and deal with them. For non structural problems, especially those that can be repaired during decoration, it is suggested that the developer should compensate and the owner should repair them by himself, so as to effectively avoid the waste of time and cost caused by repeated repair caused by unqualified repair by the developer





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