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1、 What time do you choose for water decoration

generally speaking, water home decoration is a systematic project. According to relevant experts, water home decoration is best considered in the decoration design. Why is the design best before decoration? Because during and after the decoration, the equipment placement and pipeline laying are more or less affected and restricted. Of course, this is not to say that houses that have been or are being renovated cannot be renovated. This is just a proposal from the perspective of scientific and convenient installation and not damaging the surrounding environment. In fact, any family can carry out water home decoration at any time and at any stage. It mainly depends on the health awareness and health needs of the owner

second, what water treatment equipment should be selected for water home decoration

at present, the water treatment equipment on the market generally includes: water softener, pure water machine, energy direct drinking machine, water purifier, precision filter, etc. The purpose of using this kind of products is to improve the quality of domestic drinking water and domestic water, so as to achieve the health, convenience and fashion of domestic drinking water. In water home decoration, the main force is water softener and energy direct drinking equipment. The following is a detailed analysis of the selection of soft water and energy water equipment:

1. Selection of soft water machine: Generally speaking, soft water is mainly suitable for northern areas, and the main purpose is to remove water alkali and scale. It uses resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions for dealkalization treatment. When the replacement reaches saturation, it needs to use professional softening salt to reduce the resin. There are many alkalis in the water in northern China, and the calcium and magnesium ions in the water exceed the standard. After boiling water, thick ash often appears at the bottom of the pot. Drinking this kind of high alkaline water for a long time is easy to cause kidney stones, gallstones and other diseases. In addition, with the gradual improvement of people's living conditions, many families have purchased high-end bathroom products and heating and hot water equipment. What these products are most worried about is the problem of water alkali and scale. If the water alkali in the home is high, it is easy to cause the ceramic sanitary ware products to age prematurely and dim, the heating pipes under the floor are blocked, the replacement and maintenance are inconvenient, and the water heater is blocked and exploded. Especially the friends who live in the villa noticed that one of the characteristics of the villa is that it is relatively independent, and the heating and hot water need to be solved by themselves and equipped with corresponding facilities, For the sake of safety, it is best to use soft water, and soft water equipment is of course an essential choice

after using the water softener, washing your face and bath with soft water can make your skin smoother and have the effect of beauty. The reason why the skin of Southerners is better than that of northerners is that most water bodies in the south are low alkali soft water. Water softening equipment can be divided into single pipe and three pipe in appearance; In terms of reduction mode, water softeners can be divided into time type and flow type. Now, when installing soft water equipment in water home decoration, the flow type three pipe soft water equipment is mainly selected. This selection is characterized by better function, less land occupation, and reduction and cleaning according to the water flow. For example, 1.5T flow soft water equipment, when the owner's domestic water reaches 1.5T, the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions in the water by the resin will reach saturation. At this time, the machine will automatically absorb salt to clean the resin surface. The time type is only to estimate the amount of water used in a period of time and then equip relevant equipment. For example, the general water consumption of a household is 1.5 tons/2 days. Then, the owner can choose the 1.5 tons/day soft water equipment. If the customer's water consumption for 2 days does not reach 1.5 tons, the soft water equipment will also automatically absorb salt to clean the resin the next day. In fact, the resin is cleaned before its adsorption capacity reaches saturation, which makes the resin and salt consumption too fast and causes great waste. Therefore, it is best to choose the flow type of water softener. You can choose soft water brands such as Deli noble and other big brands

2. Selection of direct drinking water dispenser: the so-called direct drinking water dispenser is a water treatment equipment that uses the mineralization, activation technology and energy system of the system for filtration treatment, and its filter aperture is less than 0.01 micron. Because the diameters of bacteria, viruses and heavy metals are larger than the pore diameter of the filtration system, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals can be eliminated in the process of water treatment, so the drinking water really meets the direct drinking standard. Generally speaking, the pore size of RO membrane in many pure water machines on the market is also very small. While harmful substances (such as bacteria, viruses, hydroalkali, heavy metals) are filtered clearly, a small part of minerals and trace elements are also removed. Therefore, experts believe that purified water cannot be drunk for the elderly and children under the age of 3 for a long time. Therefore, when the owner chooses the water machine equipment, it is best to choose the direct drinking machine with activation, mineralization and energy system. According to the survey, the deli noble high-energy activated direct drinking water dispenser developed by Deli International Industrial Company has been successfully listed. It is the first professional manufacturer to introduce the truly conscious concept of producing high-quality mineral water at home into the production and design in the market, so as to truly ensure the health of the water body, which belongs to clean water and healthy water

it should also be noted here that the function of the water softener is only to remove the water alkali of the whole household water, which can not remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc. at the same time, the water softener uses chemical methods to remove the water alkali, which has a safety risk of changing the composition of the water body. Therefore, the water treated by the water softener cannot be drunk directly. The direct drinking machine purifies the water body by pure physical means, which does not affect the safety of water quality, and is beneficial to health after direct drinking. On the whole, soft water removes water alkali, and energy water removes bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. Therefore, water industry experts believe that the way of soft water + direct drinking fountain is the best equipment combination for water home decoration




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