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With the continuous progress of China's scientific and technological level, UAV has been widely used in various fields because of its high efficiency, energy saving and low risk. The assistance of UAV in the field of ship pilotage can improve the overall intelligence, automation and specialization of the port pilotage system, which is an important measure to improve the accuracy and efficiency of port pilotage. Through the scientific setting and intelligent assembly of the UAV, the sea conditions of the whole port can be surveyed completely and clearly, and the UAV can play a good role in assisting and piloting the ship. At the same time, the UAV can also be used in rescue work. To sum up, this paper will simply analyze the application of UAV in the field of ship pilotage, in order to improve the efficiency of ship pilotage

key words: UAV; Vessel pilotage; Technology application; Analysis

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UAV is the abbreviation of unmanned aircraft, its English abbreviation is UVA, which is an unmanned aircraft controlled by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device. UAV can be used in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, express transportation, disaster rescue, monitoring infectious diseases and other important fields. With the continuous progress of China's ship pilotage technology, UAV has begun to be used in the field of ship pilotage. If AIS, GPS, radar and other pilotage instruments are called basic ship pilotage instruments, then the pilotage system dominated by UAV should belong to the outboard pilotage system located outside the hull

1 analysis of possible uses of UAV in ship pilotage system

UAV includes tracking, positioning, remote control, aerial photography, data transmission and other functions, which can be effectively applied to ship pilotage system. The pilotage station can use the UAV to conduct multi-directional real-time real-time remote monitoring of the ships in operation, and use the information collected by the UAV to observe and analyze the ship route information in real time, and then issue relevant ship control instructions such as navigation assistance. By receiving such effective information and ship control instructions, the pilot can carry out pilotage steadily and efficiently to ensure the accuracy of the ship's route and navigation safety

2 construction idea of pilotage system for UAV ships

in the process of building pilotage system for UAV ships, three modules should be built: ground station (pilotage station), UAV suitable for pilotage system, and mobile information receiving terminal

(1) construct the ground station. In the process of building the ground station, it is necessary to ensure that the ground station has the following functions: it can well control the UAV, can timely receive, process and analyze the information collected and transmitted by the UAV, can help the operators form pilotage and navigation assistance information, and can transmit information. Only when the ground station has the above functions can it process the information of the UAV in time and issue correct ship control instructions. Therefore, the construction of the ground station is the core part of the pilotage system of the UAV

(2) selection of UAV. There are many kinds and functions of UAV, so it is necessary to select the UAV with appropriate functions as the UAV in the ship pilotage system. Therefore, the UAV with strong information collection and processing functions and excellent aerial photography functions should be selected

(3) build a mobile information receiving terminal. For the construction of mobile information receiving terminal, it is necessary to ensure that the terminal can timely receive and process the information and requests sent by UAV. By giving full play to the advantages of mobile, operators can operate and process the information of UAV anytime and anywhere, so as to improve the overall efficiency of pilotage system

through the construction of three modules, a preliminary pilotage system structure of the UAV can be formed, that is, the UAV can track, shoot and record the ship in real time, and collect the relevant information of the pilotage environment for transmission. After receiving the information, the ground station will process it in time and transmit the processed information in time. Remove the broken test piece and tightly align the broken test piece with the pilot

3 analysis of precautions for the application of UAV in the field of ship pilotage

UAV pilotage system breaks the limitations of previous pilots' functions in piloting ships on board, but the following aspects should be paid attention to in the application, so as to give full play to the real advantages of UAV pilotage system

(1) UAV. As a navigation aid instrument directly exposed to the scene, UAV hardware requirements should be improved. High performance UAV should be selected to deal with the harsh environment on the sea, especially in extreme natural conditions. It is one of the effective tools for human beings to fight against diseases. 1. Reliable positioning and navigation performance. At the same time, the UAV's endurance capability (battery), data acquisition and transmission performance shall be selected with high requirements

(2) ground station. The information processing instrument in the ground station shall adopt the latest data processor, so that the information and data transmitted by the UAV can be processed accurately, timely and efficiently, so as to help the operator analyze accurate and effective ship control instructions

(3) pilot terminal. The pilot shall be able to use the mobile handheld terminal to process the information transmitted by the UAV in time. At the same time, the terminal held by the pilot shall be able to receive the images and information transmitted by the UAV and the ground station in real time, and make accurate judgment on the pilotage situation

4 conclusion

in the process of building pilotage system of UAV, we should be bold in imagination and innovation, and combine advanced technology. It is a new type of impact testing machine technology that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact, which continuously improves and optimizes the pilotage system of UAV. With the continuous improvement of China's scientific and technological level, it is believed that in the near future, the pilotage system of UAV ship can be more perfect and advanced, so as to achieve the highest level of pilotage


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