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The application of Advantech network equipment hardware platform in video conference terminals

background introduction

with the systematization and improvement of various functions of government departments, the use of some advanced work equipment to improve the work effectiveness of government departments has also become one of the important means

government departments at all levels often need frequent meetings and communication for work needs. However, due to the geographical distribution of various departments, including functional departments, administrative agencies and grass-roots offices, a large amount of meeting time is often spent on the road from the venue to the unit, which will increase the meeting cost

the application of video conference can effectively solve this problem. Access to the "emergency network video conference room" through the Internet can report emergencies, arrange emergency measures, and provide an efficient communication channel for the unit to deal with emergencies. At the same time, the meeting process can be recorded as the record of emergency measures for emergencies


Xi'an Xiyou Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than ten years of experience in the research and development of voice and video communication products, and has a very deep R & D strength in core technologies such as switching technology, digital communication technology, IP network multimedia communication technology, DSP technology and audio and video coding and decoding technology

according to the meeting scheme requirements of government departments, a network video conference system is established based on the existing network architecture of the government. The products involved include:

1 Advantech network equipment hardware platform fwa-3140

2 Western Post dual dimension MCU mediaswitch 400, TV wall server mdu800

thra video conference room terminal vegastar silver

4 Peripheral accessories of conference room terminal: camera, microphone, display output equipment (can be connected to TV or projector)

system structure diagram

advantages of Advantech network equipment hardware platform

the mediaswitch400 multimedia switching platform of Xi'an Xiyou Shuangwei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is the central switching equipment to realize the IP network poetry conference system. The key equipment is the network hardware platform of Advantech. The platform is based on P4 processor, and the system is stable. The first one is that the spring test adopts C language for reliable programming, good heat dissipation, flexible hardware configuration and combination, and the product has good software compatibility

customer's product advantages

mediaswitch400 multi-media easy to operate secure body exchange platform has an all Chinese control platform MCU center. Through this control platform, the conference host can conduct conference scheduling, conference control and other operations, so as to flexibly control the data to show the smooth progress of the whole conference system. It has very powerful functions, such as multiple conference modes, multi picture scenes, video/audio synthesis, built-in routing, billing and statistical analysis

mediaswitch400 is designed and constructed based on H.323 protocol stack. Call connection (Q.931), call control (H.225.0) and media control (H.245) strictly comply with H.323 standard. In the process of production, it has continuously conducted interoperability tests with international standard video equipment products, with good interoperability performance and fast connection speed. Therefore, it has the following characteristics:


system management sets three levels of different operation permissions, and it is forbidden for personnel without permission to configure and control the meeting; You can set whether to allow the terminal call in function in the conference to prevent the terminal from joining the conference autonomously

stability and reliability

stability design based on embedded structure to ensure high reliability; Meet 7 × 24-hour operation mode, MTBF 50000

ease of use

it is easy to install. Just plug in the power supply and connect the equipment to the Ethernet. It does not need any professional knowledge background and can be mastered after training. The front panel is designed with a liquid crystal display window, which displays the product model, software version number, port IP address, number of users and other information through the built-in liquid crystal screen


supports the stacking and cascading of MCU devices. Under the condition of sufficient network resources, users can expand the system capacity at any time according to actual needs. For the H.320 conference system, the conference can be expanded by connecting the video switch

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