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Analysis of the current situation of pharmaceutical liquid packaging bags

in recent years, through the modification of PP, it has made great progress in the development of pharmaceutical liquid packaging bags. Buxte's current industrial trend in plastic product design is to optimize its design under a highly integrated and multifunctional platform. After screening raw materials, R company believes that if PP is used to make pharmaceutical liquid flexible packaging bags, it needs to integrate the high melting point of isotactic PP and the elastic block structure of flexible PP, These two materials are excellent, and for this reason, a temporary phytosanitary decree aimed at China has been signed. The softness and flexibility, good low-temperature toughness and melting point higher than 121 ℃. At the same time, because its density is about 30% lower than PVC, the unit cost is similar to PVC. It is reported that the flexible polyolefin fpos of montellcataloy copolymer company and Huntsman company have met the above requirements. At present, rxloy products have been produced in the United States and Asia, and production licenses have been obtained in Europe

Amoco and Stanford University jointly developed PP elastomer with PVC like properties. MLLDPE developed by Exxon and Dow Chemical Company is also being used in medical liquid flexible packaging bags. They have excellent cleanliness, transparency and mechanical properties, and also have the potential cost advantage of thinning the film thickness. However, mLLDPE has a low melting point and cannot be disinfected at 121 ℃ for 20 minutes. Therefore, it is mainly used as a collection bag for human excretion at present. If it is used as an infusion bag and blood transfusion bag, it needs further modification

in the development process of polyolefin as a substitute material for PVC, because medical products require the use of special polyolefin resin in the processes of disinfection, sterilization, filling, sealing, use and so on, the high cost has become one of the important reasons why polyolefin cannot quickly replace PVC. However, by changing the processing conditions and using new additives, the performance of PP is gradually improving in recent years. In addition, problems related to the assembly line, such as heat sealing and disinfection conditions, can be solved through equipment improvement. Therefore, the use of PP film in the fourth generation infusion bags and plasma bags is just around the corner

pvc has good chemical resistance, mechanical properties and electrical properties, but poor light resistance and thermal stability. PVC film can be produced by calendering or extrusion blow molding. Because PVC is a heat sensitive resin with high hardness, heat stabilizers and plasticizers must be added during the processing of soft films. Its soft and semi-rigid films can be widely used in medical infusion bags and blood transfusion bags. When used in medical packaging materials, the content of vinyl chloride monomer in PVC resin should be less than lmg/kg, and non-toxic heat stabilizers and non-toxic and non migratory plasticizers should be used to ensure the safety of products. Rigid PVC film can be used as a film for the integration of composition, auto parts and new energy vehicles. Most of it is transparent or amber film, which is filled with tablets after vacuum forming small pits, and then compounded with the cover material coated with EVA heat sealing agent

in order to improve the heat sealing with the cover material, the PVC inner layer can also be coated with EVA or PVDC coating

in recent years, because the phthalate plasticizers used in PVC flexible packaging are considered toxic, and the environmental problems caused by PVC flexible packaging bags are not easy to recycle after use, they have encountered serious threats and challenges in use, especially in some European countries, PVC pharmaceutical packaging market is gradually shrinking

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