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Analysis on the current situation of corrugated box production industry in Southeast Asia

at present, the corrugated board market in the whole Southeast Asia is still in the initial stage of development. The corrugated board market in Southeast Asia is closely related to the economic conditions of Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, carton manufacturers in all countries hope that the current domestic economic situation can be improved, which can further increase the demand for the whole corrugated product packaging

in recent years, compared with other regions, the corrugated board industry in Southeast Asia is facing a very difficult living environment. On the one hand, some countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and so on, are not developed countries in the global economy, their industrial foundation is relatively weak, their economic technology is relatively backward, and the development of light industry and food industry is highly valued, However, the production of corrugated board has not achieved its due development. On the other hand, Southeast Asian countries also strongly feel the threat from China, because a large number of end users - multinational companies have transferred their production bases to China, resulting in a gradual reduction in the demand for corrugated box packaging products

the threat from China

whether Malaysia or some other countries in Southeast Asia, we can now strongly feel the threat from China, the fastest-growing manufacturing center in the world, such as comics, easel paintings or sculptures

China will become the focus and leader of corrugated box production and sales in Asia

in sharp contrast to the shrinking sales in Asia and even the rest of the world, China's carton sales are growing at a rapid rate. In Asia, South Korea, Singapore and other places have seen negative growth. However, in 1996, the sales volume of cartons in China was about 8billion square meters, only half of that in Japan. In 2000, it has increased to 12.5 billion square meters. It is estimated that from 2002 to 2008, on the other hand, the sales volume of cartons in China will increase by 35% to 20billion square meters, and the overall dimension of piano type oil source control cabinet is 960 × eight hundred and sixty × 1060mm; Meters, while Japan can only maintain 13.5 billion square meters

in the world, at present, the sales of cartons ranks first in North America. Europe also needs to check the safety hazards and health conditions in the working environment of pressure testing machines, ranking second in Europe and third in Asia, with a total of about 40 billion square meters. In the next six to seven years, it will be an important period for China's rapid economic development in Asia, which will drive and promote the corrugated box sales in Asia to surpass that in North America and leap to the first place in the world

since the beginning of 2003, some large foreign enterprises and companies have been optimistic about China's packaging market. Some domestic paper packaging enterprises have targeted the market, seized the opportunity, attracted investment, and promoted the scale of production and the quality of products. In January, 2004, Smithfield stone East announced that its partner Jifeng group has preliminarily decided to place the investment project of paper packaging products in the food industrial park in tonganxike Town, Xiamen, Fujian Province. The company decided to make comprehensive use of recycled paper resources, adopt patented technology to develop, produce and sell paper products for packaging, such as paper backing plates, and design and print packaging and decoration. With a total investment of 12.5 million US dollars, the project is expected to be put into operation at the end of the year, and the annual output value is expected to reach 140million yuan after it is put into operation

a large number of end users, such as multinational companies in the United States, Japan and Europe, began to target China as a safe production center. Since the late 1990s, the manufacturing industry in Southeast Asian countries has been affected, because many foreign companies have transferred a large number of production to China in order to take advantage of local low costs

in recent years, many Japanese and American companies have transferred production to China, which is an inevitable trend for the carton production industry. What is particularly striking is that electronic and electrical products companies have closed their factories in Malaysia and moved to other locations for production. Although some companies still set up factories in Malaysia, they have transferred some low-cost goods to China for production. In the interview, many manufacturers whose products are exported to Southeast Asia expressed the same view

the following examples:

Sales Manager of Anhui Hefei new century packaging Co., Ltd.

our company has a large number of corrugated boxes and cartons sold to Southeast Asia, mainly food packaging and electronic packaging. According to the survey, China's packaging and printing, packaging boxes, packaging products and other types of corrugated products machinery are very suitable for the current economic development needs of Southeast Asian countries. I believe that Chinese products with stable quality and excellent cost performance will occupy a considerable share in this big market. At the same time, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and other countries have expressed their intention to welcome Chinese enterprises to invest and set up factories and carry out economic and trade cooperation. Moreover, the convenient land transportation between Yunnan and Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam and the opening of Mekong River shipping will provide great convenience for Chinese goods to enter Southeast Asia

recently, China's packaging carton industry has developed rapidly. Corrugated cartons and cartons exported to Southeast Asia are generally the packaging of food packaging and electronic products, so customers have put forward higher and higher printing requirements for packaging cartons and cartons. First, carton transportation packaging is gradually developing to commodity packaging, and the printing text and pattern of packaging cartons are required to be clear. Two colors are gradually developing to three colors and six colors, and the color registration is required to be accurate. The point is developed from the current line 60 to line 80, At the same time, the requirements for the accuracy of packaging and printing machinery are quite high, and flexible packaging and printing should be developed. Second, packaging white paperboard will gradually replace gray paperboard, develop white background color printing, and replace oil-based ink with water-based ink, so as to make the surface of the packaging box beautiful, clear and bright, and the printing technology content is high, so as to improve the added value of goods and meet the requirements of environmental protection

because most countries in Southeast Asia have a tropical rainforest climate, it is warm and humid all year round. This puts forward great requirements for the moisture-proof performance of our export packaging boxes. Generally, we will apply polish with moisture-proof effect, or choose corrugated materials that can provide long-term moisture-proof protection to meet the requirements of customers

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