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An analysis of the current situation of the environment and packaging in ASEAN countries (III)

4.1 environmental protection

the Ministry of energy and resources of the Philippines was established in July 1987, and its responsibilities are forest, land management, environmental management director: at present, the localization level of automotive engineering plastics and composite materials is still relatively low, such as environmental management. The environmental problems they face can be summarized as follows: deforestation, industrial pollution, drug pollution, etc

the survey report conducted by ASEAN shows that toxic wastes are mainly distributed near Manila metro, which discharges wastes regularly

4.2 packaging waste and environmental protection countermeasures

the 1990 research report shows that about 4000 tons of solid waste are discharged from four towns in the Philippines and Manila Metro every day, and only 3400 tons of waste are transported to garbage stations

in the Philippines, a common problem is that there are no regulations on packaging recycling, reuse, or reduction of packaging energy. But there is a company that systematically recycles beer and beverage bottles. Most household packaging waste is thrown away. Except for some glass bottles that can be sold and reused

(2) compatibilizer method

5 Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with a humid climate and an average temperature of 24 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. The population is nearly 180million. 60% of the total area is covered by forests

The export of manufactured goods plays an increasingly important role in Indonesia's economy. From 1986 to 1991, the export volume of commodities quadrupled. These include food, beverages, tobacco, textiles and related manufacturing industries

5.1 environmental protection

the main environmental issues in Indonesia are to protect forests and water resources and increase public understanding of the severity of environmental and industrial pollution

because the main goal of the government is to obtain high economic benefits. The economic plan implemented inevitably has a continuous impact on natural resources and environmental quality. The government has taken positive measures for environmental management. In 1982, the environmental program was implemented to implement protection according to the "pollution compensation principle"

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