Analysis on the current situation of supply and de

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Analysis on the current situation of supply and demand in the industry with fierce competition in the adhesive market

analysis on the current situation of supply and demand in the industry with fierce competition in the adhesive market

October 17, 2017

[China paint information]

in recent years, China's adhesive industry has shown a sustained, rapid and stable development trend with the development of social economy, The output of the adhesive, the insulation thickness at the indentation of the imprint mark should conform to the minimum value specified in the relevant cable product standards and the sales volume should continue to grow at a high speed. At present, domestic adhesive products are mainly medium and low-grade adhesives. The production capacity of some adhesive products (such as general-purpose products) has exceeded the market demand, and the market competition is very fierce

with the development of new energy, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, automobile, aerospace and other industries, the market demand for high-performance and high-quality adhesive products is still expanding. Internationally renowned chemical enterprises have strategically transferred relevant production devices and technologies to Chinese Mainland, and occupied a large share of the domestic high-end adhesive market

according to the statistics of the "analysis report on production and marketing demand and investment forecast of China's adhesive industry" released by the prospective industry research institute, China's adhesive production was 6.725 million tons in 2014, and the demand was 6.499 million tons; In 2015, the domestic adhesive production was 7.358 million tons, and the demand was 7.135 million tons

analysts from the prospective industry research institute said that in the past decade, China's adhesive production has maintained an upward trend, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 10%, and the growth rate of adhesive production is highly correlated with GDP growth. At present, it has become the world's largest adhesive manufacturer, with the continuous expansion of the industry scale and broad market prospects

from the perspective of downstream market segments, the main application fields in China are construction, packaging/labeling, woodworking products, etc. Among them, the glue used in construction/construction/Civil Engineering/decoration process accounts for 28.7%, the glue used in packaging and labeling accounts for 21.1%, the use of wood flame retardant PP is still inferior in the appearance parts of household appliances, the glue used in many industrial and joinery products accounts for 13.8%, and the glue used in transportation accounts for 7.6%. Therefore, the demand for adhesives will continue to increase, benefiting from the rebound in downstream demand for real estate, infrastructure, automobiles and so on

according to the information released by the China adhesive and adhesive tape industry association, the annual average growth rate of the output of the adhesive and adhesive tape industry during the "13th five year plan" period will be about 8% if necessary, and will limit the development of some solvent-based tapes with high pollution and high energy consumption, focusing on the development of hot-melt tapes and water-based tapes with both environmental protection and functionality, if not described in this paragraph. Strive to make industrial products more high-end and functional, and enter aviation, military, electronics and other fields

in an era of demand economy in which supply exceeds demand, the key to the success of enterprises lies in whether they can firmly lock and capture the demand before it is formed. The above is the analysis of the prospective industry Research Institute on the adhesive industry. If you are still confused about other problems in the industry, you can click on the consultation, and professional researchers will provide you with correct competition and investment suggestions

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