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The characteristics of modern paper industry are different from the general consumer goods industry, but technology, capital, resources, energy intensive, significant economies of scale, continuous and efficient production of basic raw materials industry. Enterprise informatization started early, mainly self-development and cooperative development, and some systems operate well, such as inventory system, wage system, etc

after several years of development and efforts, enterprise informatization in China's paper industry has achieved certain results. Paper enterprises with a certain scale have basically achieved enterprise financial computerization, but the enterprise level management information system has not been widely applied in the industry, and the effect of informatization is not ideal. The development and implementation cycle is long, all systems operate independently, departmental information cannot be shared, and system upgrading and updating is difficult. Therefore, on the whole, it is still in its infancy. Whether from the perspective of informatization development level and self-development, or from the perspective of enterprises' participation in global competition, enterprise informatization in the paper industry still has a long way to go

problems faced by paper-making enterprises

with the continuous expansion of the business scale of paper-making enterprises, enterprise management is also facing many problems, which are specifically reflected in the following aspects:

there are many kinds and complete varieties of materials in enterprise warehouses, and it is difficult to keep and manage them. Some materials are overstocked or stored. With the extensive utilization of carbon fiber composites on aircraft, the backlog phenomenon is serious, and the procurement cost remains high. Make the cost difficult to control. The traditional cost accounting method can't calculate the production cost accurately and timely. The management information is independent of each other, and the market prediction means and methods are backward, which seriously affects the scientific decision-making of enterprises. Manual management makes it common for enterprises to have poor management of accounts receivable and high accounts receivable. The need to open the main box and install boards and cards takes up a lot of money, which seriously affects the efficiency of enterprise asset operation and increases the business risk of enterprises. In the production and sales links, the degree of automation is low, and the whole process tracking cannot be achieved, which affects the sales of the market. Unable to effectively manage non local warehouses and offices, the sales industry can feel the pulse and lighten the marketing business

only through reasonable information planning can enterprises change the current problems. However, information construction is far from as simple as imagined, and many enterprises have also paid a heavy price for this. Therefore, before going to informatization, enterprises must understand the informatization situation of the whole industry and within the enterprise, so as to adjust measures to local conditions and have a targeted goal, so as to make the informatization construction get twice the result with half the effort. Then the main problems of enterprise informatization in the paper industry today are:

the overall application level of enterprise informatization is low; The investment in enterprise informatization is small, the structure is unreasonable, and the informatization degree of non-state-owned enterprises is higher than that of state-owned and state-owned holding enterprises; Lack of enterprise informatization talents, especially compound talents; If the information system construction needs external repair, it should apply to the equipment department. The coordinated promotion with the enterprise system reform and management innovation is not enough, resulting in the information system can not operate normally or at all after completion, which is in vain, and can not really play the role of informatization in enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. In view of the problems existing in the management and informatization construction within the industry and enterprises, Huajia Jingwei has put forward a set of informatization solutions, so that enterprises can more accurately grasp the needs, so that the informatization construction can really help the development of enterprises

before optimizing the enterprise management information of the paper-making enterprise, Huajia Jingwei Company fully considers the systematicness of planning and design, the flexibility of step-by-step implementation according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and carries out targeted function design according to the characteristics of the paper-making enterprise, so as to realize the quality monitoring and traceability in the supply chain, making the management more refined. It mainly includes the following subsystems: purchase management subsystem, a/P management subsystem, inventory management subsystem, sales management subsystem, a/R management subsystem, plan management subsystem, production management subsystem, quality management subsystem, cost management subsystem, financial management subsystem, manager query system, customer relationship management system

realize the purification, analysis and utilization of enterprise business information, and provide support for decision analysis. Business intelligence system can help managers reveal the laws behind complex data and become an effective scientific tool for decision-making

e-commerce in the paper industry is to realize end-to-end supply chain management, so that suppliers, enterprises and customers can realize real-time cooperation through interconnection, and connect the three parties as a whole. So as to minimize the cost and maximize the value

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