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Analysis of the current situation of injection molded products used in polypropylene

thickness between 0 4mm thick sheets are mainly used for food packaging, such as disposable transparent food packaging boxes and disposable PP water cups in supermarkets. Their main raw materials are homopolymer PP (such as domestic T30S, F401, 2401, etc.) and a small amount of random copolymer PP. Thickness between 0 The 8mm sheet is mainly used for environmental protection. As a water treatment material, it can be used underwater for seven or eight years. The raw material used is mainly copolymerized PP. Thickness 0 Mm PP board/sheet is mainly used for the lining of chemical tank, and can also be used for water treatment in terms of environmental protection. PP plates with a thickness of about 3mm are used to make plastic Christmas trees and other decorations. The thickness of PP hollow board is generally mm, which is mainly used to make file bags, packaging boxes, greenhouse boards, shower booth partitions, decorative boards, exhibition boards, wall panels, lighting panels, etc. its raw materials are mainly block copolymer PP. PP plates with a thickness greater than 6mm are mainly used in industry. The raw materials of the plates are generally block copolymer PP, and some manufacturers use random copolymerization and homopolymer PP

in previous years, because the PP sheet and plate production lines are basically imported, the manufacturers mainly use imported materials provided by foreign parties at the initial stage of construction, and the imported materials are mainly j340 of Korean Xiaoxing company, mfr=1.7g/10min; Obj809 of yubuxing production company in Japan, mfr=2.0g/10min; Copolymerization m1250 of Korea Hyundai Petrochemical Company; Bj100 of Samsung United Chemical, etc. With the development of domestic PP industry, random copolymer PP and block copolymer PP have been successfully developed and put on the market, such as Qilu Petrochemical EPS30R, Yangzi Petrochemical j340, F401, Yanshan Petrochemical 1340, 1440, Shanghai Petrochemical m180r, etc. 4. Put the steel needle into the sliding block brand, and gradually meet the domestic PP board and sheet market demand for raw materials, especially Qilu EPS30R, its processing performance, product appearance quality Low temperature resistance and other indicators meet or exceed the imported materials, and have been widely praised by users. With the improvement of the quality of domestic PP, the properties of domestic PP can basically meet the use requirements and can replace imported PP

at present, the main domestic PP plate/sheet manufacturers include Suzhou Plastic Factory 1, Suzhou plastic factory 10, Xiaoshan Datong plasticizing company, Zhejiang Yongqing plastic company, Zhejiang Plastic Factory, Hangzhou Ouhua plastic products Co., Ltd., Zibo plastic factory 8, Longkou Zhongji recurrence plastic company, Taizhou Chuangjia Stationery Co., Ltd., etc

it is particularly worth mentioning that PP foam sheets and plates were developed in Europe, America and Japan in the mid and late 1990s, and received great attention once they were put on the market. Compared with traditional materials, foamed PP is favored by people for its excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, low cost and good environmental adaptability. It is gradually replacing PS, PUR, PE and other foamed materials for packaging, automobile, heat insulation and sound insulation, environmental protection, sports equipment and building materials. In recent years, China has also set off an upsurge of developing PP foaming materials, and has begun to put them on the market. Degradable PP foam fast food boxes have great market potential in China's railway system. According to domestic enterprises' participation in overseas mineral projects, the annual consumption of all kinds of fast food boxes in China is about 15billion. In addition, foamed PP sheets and plates will have great potential in the fields of automotive interior decoration, construction, vegetable and fruit food packaging, thermal insulation, electrical appliances, etc. at the same time, they will also have a large market. As an updated product of foamed PS, they have broad market prospects

source: Chinese gold miners have brought confidence to extruder enterprises

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