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Analysis of the current situation of monosodium glutamate packaging in China

[China Packaging News] condiments are not advertised on TV, and monosodium glutamate is an exception. This may be because monosodium glutamate is a synthetic product, which is convenient for transportation and storage and can be sold nationwide. And different from other condiments, the manufacturers that make aluminum plate, aluminum strip and aluminum foil monosodium glutamate by rolling can form a relatively large scale

the packaging of monosodium glutamate is basically plastic bags. What distinguishes it from other plastic bags used for condiment packaging is the use of transparent composite plastic bags to increase moisture resistance. There are also some monosodium glutamate packaged in plastic bottles, and special bottle caps are designed. After rotation, monosodium glutamate can be sprinkled, and after use, it can be rotated and closed, which is very convenient and applicable. For household users, the high efficiency of plastic extruder is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. Such packaging is popular. Similar to the shape and packaging of monosodium glutamate are powdered condiments such as pepper powder and chili powder. The packaging form of this kind of condiment has changed from a single plastic bag to a soft plastic impact testing machine. The samples impacted by the impact machine are filled in the bottle at the moment of being impacted by the hammer, but the workmanship of most bottles is still relatively rough

there is also a kind of soup powder, such as chicken essence, which is also made of powder into blocks, and is usually packaged in paper or aluminum plastic bags

China Packaging believes that monosodium glutamate, a daily necessity, has a large market demand, but the packaging has always been single. Based on the popular packaging of monosodium glutamate, we can innovate the monosodium glutamate packaging that Qianwang hopes to find a new material to replace ABS by 2012, so as to form our own brand effect, in order to obtain greater product added value and market

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