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Analysis of the current situation of human resources in the domestic printing industry (I)

my company is a professional printing enterprise management company. From the perspective of the customers served by the company and the investigation and interview of some printing enterprises, the human resources situation in the printing industry is worrying, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the printing industry, the demand for talents in the industry is in short supply. Through the investigation, some captain Production supervisors, designers, etc. have an annual salary of at least ten thousand, and more than hundreds of thousands. Is the profit of the printing industry really so high

first, impetuous

people often say that the environment changes people. Now think about it. In today's impetuous society, it seems very difficult for people to settle down, or sink down to do something. Let's first look at the young people who have just started. It seems like it's disgraceful to be a worker in our society. These newly graduated students are also like this. When they start to operate machines, they are still fresh at first, and then they become more and more boring. This is true whether they work in the printing workshop, post press processing workshop or pre press work. In fact, no matter which work, they try to do some simple things right for the first time by repeatedly following the process, Lay a good foundation for future development, but they think it's enough to study in the production line for one year and understand what's going on. I heard that XXX now works as a manager, and XXX now has a higher salary than us. From then on, I was not satisfied with the status quo. I thought that this was what high school or technical secondary school students "workers" did. We did management and big things, so I changed jobs, changed requirements to leaders It's not like this to cheat that this is not an enterprise, exploit our labor value, and ask us to organize and build an enterprise. For example, in one of our consulting companies, the enterprise recruited 15 college students and assigned them to the production line first. It hasn't been six months yet. Things have happened. I have asked the human resources department for many times, some to be an assistant to the production manager, some to be a technologist, and some to be a manager of the quality control department. I remember a craftsman teacher at that time said, "I have been engaged in craftsmanship for so many years, and now the technology is developing so fast, I dare not call others call me a craftsman.". The company repeatedly came forward to communicate with them and did ideological work, but they didn't understand it. Finally, the general manager said, "if you want to stay, you can work well in the workshop, and if you want to leave". As a result, none of them stayed. In fact, this enterprise is quite famous in the printing industry locally, even in the whole province and the whole country, especially in management. It is rare to give fresh graduates such a good opportunity. Why is this? People's impetuousness and shortsightedness make them unable to settle down to learn, let alone sink to the grass-roots level to learn. Now let's take a look at these machine workers. Most of the people who can work on the machine for years are people with high school or junior high school education. It is often these people who can settle down and do well. Why? Because they can see their own shortcomings, know that they need to learn, need to hone, and do a good job

look at the young people who have worked for a period of time. According to the statistical survey done by our company, college students who work on the machine platform for one year, at most two years, either leave or change jobs, and go elsewhere to work as production supervisor, deputy general manager of production, assistant to the general manager, etc. Do they really have this ability? Later, the company made a follow-up investigation. These people either sink down and start at the grass-roots level, or change careers, or do something else, or whether it's high or low. Changing companies is like changing lanterns, and they accomplish nothing. For example, Hangzhou Weicheng printing company recruited a total of 30 college students in 1999, most of whom were famous universities, including Beijing Renmin University, Wuhan University, Jiangsu Wuxi University of light industry, etc., and all left Weicheng in less than two years. Earlier, two left Weicheng to West Lake printing company, one was the manager of production department and the other was the manager of product management. When they were exposed by the general manager of West Lake, These two have left four companies, and their positions have been repeated. Up to now, one has learned to design, and the other has opened gravure press

when you treat your work or career with impetuous heart, work and career also treat you with impetuous results, which is very fair

second, hype

the high salary in the printing industry has a common purpose. According to the survey, the enviable high salary in the eyes of others is often obtained through the excavation and hype between enterprises. For example, a printing company in Jiangsu hired a design director with an original salary of 6000 yuan from a printing company in Hangzhou, and then rose to an annual salary of 300000 as the vice president of the printing company; A color printing company in Yunnan poached a deputy general manager of production from a printing company with three test pieces each in Jiangsu, and the salary increased from 8000 yuan per month to 600000 yuan per year; A company in Kunming poached a production manager secretary with an original salary of several thousand yuan from a group, and then rose to an annual salary of 450000 as the deputy general manager of production; The Gravure Printing Supervisor of a company in Shenzhen was hired by a company in Hubei to be the deputy general manager of production. The annual salary 5 network publicity was the first choice to become the first choice of 0 million. A company in Hangzhou worked as the production manager for a year and was hired to be the general manager of a printing company in Ningbo. The salary increased from 8000 yuan a month to more than 500000 yuan a year; When enterprises give high salaries, what can they really bring to the enterprise? The vice president dug up by a printing company in Jiangsu has no performance and does not have management ability; The startup rate of the main equipment of a color printing company in Yunnan is less than 20%, and the deputy general manager recruited is also facing internal class struggle; The vice president of production hired by a high salary company in Hubei province did not understand offset printing and did not have systematic management ability; The company has prepared a successor for the vice president dug up by Kunming; The general manager with an annual salary of 500000 has been in office for two years, and the startup rate is less than 30%; In that case, why should we give such a high salary to hype? First, quickly improve their popularity in the industry, recruit someone from other enterprises and give them an incredible salary in the same industry, which inevitably leads to great discussion and advertising for the enterprise; Second, the enterprise really needs talents, but it has not been evaluated through a sound human resources evaluation system. Instead, the decision-makers of the enterprise come to the other party to listen to the boast and allow it to be recklessly introduced at exorbitant prices; Whatever the purpose, what is the result? Both enterprises and cast iron are harmed: when tightening, the deformation is very small. These people, the enterprise has lost their wives and soldiers, the money has been spent, and the management is still not in place; And these people "talent" become "human wealth", some of which have become notorious in the industry

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