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Linfen explosion-proof lighting installation

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Linfen explosion-proof lighting installation actively rescue trapped people. In the whole process of fire fighting and rescue, we should adhere to the tactical principle of saving people. Once there are trapped people in the fire fighting, we should first use the fire fighting force to save people. Through technical means such as demolition, smoke exhaust and fire fighting,

Linfen explosion-proof lighting fixtures are installed with ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device (fire extinguishing system), which is composed of ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device (fire extinguishing system), starting components, fire power supply and display panel. 1. Ultra fine dry powder fire extinguishing devices (fire extinguishing systems) are divided into passive ultra-fine dry powder automatic fire extinguishing devices and active ultra-fine dry powder automatic fire extinguishing devices

the initial fire usually starts from smoldering, and the flame is very small. Conventional fire-fighting equipment is almost useless and can't play much role. The explosion-proof ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device can transport the ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing agent to the interior of electrical equipment for full coverage and full flooding fire extinguishing. After years of research and research, we have creatively developed an explosion-proof ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device in cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions. At present, the fire extinguishing device (Zhou Songlin) has obtained a number of national patents. The feature of the fire extinguishing device is that any small electric fire generated by electric starting should be effectively isolated with oil spray and heat according to the requirements of the instructions in an environment close to vacuum and not be contacted by the outside world, The starting part of the fire extinguishing device has obtained the safety standard certificate of coal industry access,

fire detection. Once there is a fire in the material warehouse, we must understand the basic situation of the fire, formulate effective fire fighting plans, and reasonably arrange the fire fighting forces. By asking insiders, reconnaissance on the map, field observation and other methods, use the special exploration equipment used as much as possible to understand the types of goods stored in the warehouse and the fire risk; Fire location and area, direction and scope of fire spread; Whether there are trapped people and their location; Whether there is a good attack route and available terrain and surface conditions; Whether there are fire-fighting facilities and their integrity in the warehouse, and whether there are water storage tanks and other fire extinguishing agents. Control and eliminate the fire area. On the basis of fire detection,

the installation of explosion-proof lighting fixtures in Linfen is colorless, tasteless, pollution-free, does not destroy the ozone layer (ODP value is zero), does not corrode, does not conduct electricity, does not damage expensive assets such as electrical equipment and sophisticated instruments,

the characteristics of electrical fire include: electrical equipment is on fire or does not disconnect from the power supply after causing a fire, but is still charged; Some electrical equipment (such as power transformers, circuit breakers, motor starting devices, etc.) are filled with oil. In case of fire, fuel injection or even explosion may occur, causing the spread of fire and expanding the scope of fire. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to cut off the power supply according to the characteristics of electrical fire extinguishing

what if the electric appliance catches fire

when there is a fire, if the fire is small and does not pose a great threat to people, when there are enough fire-fighting equipment around, we should strive to control and extinguish the fire, and never ignore the small fire and cause a major disaster. When the TV, microwave oven and other household appliances or wires have abnormal phenomena such as smoking and sparks,

climb to the upper layer of the upper combustion layer, and even if necessary, prefer to give up the upper one or two layers of the combustion layer, set up water positions, control the fire to the upper layer, and Jinan gold assay 600 ton horizontal tensile testing machine is controlled by the host system; Oil source system; Control, measurement, display system, etc. Third, lower layer protection. When a fire broke out in a multi-storey warehouse on the ground, the fire spread to the lower level relatively slowly, especially in the initial stage of the fire. Once the fire enters the development stage, after the vertical and horizontal fire is blocked, the smoke, hot gas flow and sparks will return to the lower layer through various shafts, holes and cracks. Therefore, to put out the fire of multi-storey warehouse on the ground, a certain force should also be deployed at the lower layer of the fire layer to prevent the fire from spreading to the next layer through various holes and cracks, so as to better protect the lower layer of the fire layer

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