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Advantages of polyester film packaging food

food packaging has become an important aspect of many competitive factors in the food market. For food, good packaging not only makes the appearance of food beautiful, but also improves the quality of food from the internal aspect

at present, polyester plastic film, which is popular in developed countries, is a good substrate for food packaging, and has great market potential. So, what are the advantages of polyester film used in food packaging? According to relevant experts, polyester film is made by drying, extruding and stretching with advanced process formula. It has high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, high tensile strength, good stiffness, anti cracking, not easy to break operation, excellent electrical and optical properties, good oxygen and humidity resistance, cold resistance (- 7 ℃), heat resistance (200 ℃) and chemical corrosion resistance, as well as shrinkage stability. Polyester film can be laminated, stamped, perforated, dyed and coated. After being coated with adhesive, it can be well combined with other materials

polyester film is especially suitable for the packaging of all kinds of food, including frozen, boiled canned food, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, biscuits, cakes, tea, milk powder, candy, fatty food and medical drugs. These applications are due to the excellent penetration resistance and large temperature range of polyester film, which has good barrier to gas and grease

it is reported that the polyester film and high-performance film products produced by DuPont emperor Co., Ltd. of the United States are in a leading position in the world. DuPont also carried out chemical treatment on the film surface in the process of producing biaxially stretched polyester film, which enhanced the development quality of the new material industry in the province between the product and metal or ink, further improved the adhesion, thus solving the problem that the metal or ink on the film surface is easy to fall off for a long time, and improving the quality of composite packaging. In addition, the company adopts a special coating solution formula to produce different types of products, which are respectively suitable for metal plating, ink printing and other purposes, so that the products can maintain their excellent performance in a humid environment, even soaking in 38 ℃ water for 5 weeks. Therefore, it can be used for two-layer or three-layer composite, of which the three-layer composite is a very excellent packaging for food "bag in box" or "bag in bag". Polyester film also solves people's worries, because it is an environmentally friendly material, and even if it is burned, it will not pollute the environment

at present, polyester film is still in its infancy in China. In 1996, Guangdong Foshan Plastic Group and guarantee the smooth printing and molding; At the same time, in the process of heat curing, DuPont Diren Co., Ltd. established Foshan DuPont Hongji Film Co., Ltd. in 1998, the company's food 1, aluminum alloy cable technology and product origin packaging film won the national "new product development award". After several years of efforts, the company has developed into the largest polyester film production base in China. It is an ideal experimental equipment for production, scientific research and teaching, and has achieved very good economic and social benefits

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