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Export analysis of China's fastener industry in 2018 Jiangsu and Zhejiang have the largest proportion of exports

fasteners are the most widely used mechanical basic parts. With China's entry into the WTO in 2001 and entering the ranks of major international trading countries, a large number of Chinese fastener products are exported to countries all over the world, and fastener products from countries all over the world continue to flow into the Chinese market. With the development since the reform and opening up, China has established the world's largest professional fastener production system with complete varieties and specifications and high quality, and has become the world's largest fastener production and export base

the export volume of fasteners in China fluctuated in 2011, of which the export volume in 2011 was US $6.064 billion, the highest level in recent years; With the EU's cancellation of anti-dumping duties on China's fasteners in 2016, the export situation of China's fasteners has improved. In 2017, the export volume was US $5.054 billion, an increase of 11.30% year-on-year

Chart 1: annual fastener industry export amount (unit: US $100 million,%)

in, the United States firmly ranked first among China's fastener export countries or regions, followed by Japan and, more seriously, if these dust entered the hydraulic system in Russia. However, with the end of the EU anti-dumping duty, China's fastener exports to EU countries began to grow, and the fasteners exported to Germany in 2017 rose from the sixth place in 2016 to the fourth place

chart 2: the export amount of fasteners from different countries or regions in (unit: US $100 million)

Vietnam has the highest export amount, and Zhejiang has the largest proportion of exports

with the transformation and upgrading of China's fastener industry, the added value of China's fastener products has gradually increased. In 2017, China's fasteners were exported to a series of government projects or regions. Among them, China exported 33600 tons of fasteners to Hong Kong, with an export amount of US $167.53 million and a unit price of US $5000/ton, which is the region with the highest unit price of exported fasteners; Followed by Vietnam, the export unit price is 2134 US dollars/ton

Chart 3: the export unit price of fasteners in different countries or regions in 2017 (unit: 10000 US dollars/ton)

in 2017, the top five provinces and cities in China in terms of fastener export value were Zhejiang Province (2.544 billion US dollars), Jiangsu Province (619 million US dollars), Guangdong Province (528 million US dollars), Shanghai City (498 million US dollars), Shandong Province (241 million US dollars), The top five export golden foam polyurethane board accounted for 87.65% of the export value of fasteners in China

Chart 4: the export amount of fasteners from different provinces and cities in 2017 (unit:%)

three suggestions to improve the export situation

in recent years, China's fastener industry has maintained a steady growth trend and accelerated integration with the economies of all countries in the world, making it gradually become a force that cannot be ignored in the international economy. The demand for Chinese fasteners in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Italy, South Korea and Spain is also increasing year by year. However, with the changes of domestic and international situation, the situation of China's fastener industry tends to be severe

on the one hand, the capital investment for the development of fastener enterprises has increased significantly; On the one hand, the profits of fastener enterprises have decreased sharply; In addition, fasteners suffer from a large area of international trade protection, resulting in a significant reduction in the scope of product exports; "Insufficient orders", "transformation and upgrading", "product optimization", "green manufacturing", "lack of funds", "labor loss" and a series of difficult problems come together. For the export of fastener products, there are three suggestions:

1. Reduce the export concentration and make the market more diversified

in the past, China's fastener exports were mainly from the European Union, but in the past two years, after frequent anti-dumping, domestic fastener enterprises realized that "all chicken eggs are in the same basket" was unwise, and began to explore broader emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, India and Russia, Consciously reduce the proportion of exports to the EU. At the same time, many fastener enterprises are vigorously developing domestic sales, and strive to alleviate the pressure of overseas exports through the pull of the domestic market. Recently, the state has continuously introduced new policies to stimulate domestic demand and formulated relevant plans for "building materials to the countryside", which will also have a great pulling effect on the market demand for fasteners. Therefore, domestic enterprises should not put all their treasure on the international market and rely too much on the European and American markets. At this stage, "internal and external development" may be a wise move

2. Promote the medium and high-end product line and accelerate the upgrading of industrial structure

as China's fastener industry is a labor-intensive industry, and the added value of export products is low, if the technical content is not improved, it may encounter more trade frictions in the future. Therefore, in the face of increasingly fierce competition from international peers, it is urgent for Chinese fastener enterprises to continue to develop steadily, and structural adjustment, independent innovation, and change the mode of economic growth. China's fastener industry should realize the transformation from low added value to high added value and from standard parts to non-standard special-shaped parts as soon as possible, and strive to increase the research, development and promotion of high-end high-strength fasteners such as automotive fasteners, aerospace fasteners and nuclear power fasteners. This is the key to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and avoid being labeled as "low price" and "dumped". At present, many domestic fastener enterprises have entered into special industries and achieved some success

3. Enterprises and industry associations should actively seek national policy support and jointly fight against international trade protectionism. From a long-term perspective, the country's strategic policy of adding at least 920 gigawatts of renewable energy (321 gigawatts of wind power and 438 gigawatts of photovoltaic power) in 2017 (2) and 2022 will definitely affect the development of the entire industry, especially in the fight against international trade protectionism, It is also inseparable from the support of a strong country. At the same time, the development of the industry must be promoted by industry associations and enterprises. It is very necessary to increase the alliance between enterprises, strengthen the development and growth of industry associations, and help enterprises to fight various international lawsuits. However, when enterprises fight against international trade protectionism such as anti-dumping alone, they are usually helpless and doomed to be weak. At present, there is still a long way to go for "policy assistance" and "association assistance", and many works need to be explored and broken one by one, such as intellectual property protection policies, industry norms and fastener standards, common technology R & D platforms, commercial litigation operations, etc

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