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The explosive disposal robot gives everyone a sense of security

in a few seconds, whether to cut the blue line or the red line. Once it is cut incorrectly, the time bomb will explode. Such a lens can often be seen in movies, but is it true

hear the multiple-choice question of blue line or red line, Xieyan, the leader of the technical squadron of the first brigade of Hangzhou special police detachment, laughed: "this method is rarely used. If we think the bomb is dangerous, we will let the explosive disposal robot play, and then put it in an explosion-proof sealed tank and transfer it to a safe place for destruction. Even if we really want to choose which line to cut, we can also use equipment to cut it 50 meters away, without taking any risk at all."

yesterday, it was learned from the special police detachment that under the condition that there was already a bomb disposal robot, they spent more than 1.1 million yuan to buy a new bomb disposal robot at the end of last month. In the future, such work will be left to these two robots to do domestically

half an hour, to give everyone a sense of security

Xie Yan reminded that if citizens see suspicious parcels or luggage bags, they should not easily turn them over. The most appropriate way to deal with them is to call the police first, and the police will pull up the warning line and notify experts to deal with them. In addition, some shells left over from the war, although sleeping underground for many years, still have the risk of explosion. Do not knock, cut, burn or hide at will to avoid explosion

according to reports, most of the bombs received by the police were "fake bombs". After working hard for a long time, most of them finally found out that the suspicious bag was just a laptop or something

even so, the police should be fully prepared to give everyone a sense of security

here, the speed of elimination can give people a sense of security. Xie Yan said that generally speaking, it takes about half an hour to deal with a bomb, and the most complex one is usually 1, which is undoubtedly completed in another miraculous hour in the design and manufacture of large-scale equipment in China

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if you encounter a complex bomb, you have to use the robot. The explosive disposal robot will move the bomb to the explosive disposal tank, and then transfer it to a safe place for destruction.

how safe is the explosive disposal tank? They have done experiments, put 5 kilograms of explosives into the explosion-proof ball to detonate, and a bottle of mineral water thread placed on the side does not move!

the more advanced the equipment, the police are also safe

The use of modern technology such as "cutting the blue line or red line" and explosive disposal robots also protected the safety of the people's police

it is said that the robot newly introduced by Hangzhou police is smaller and more flexible, and the pixel of the camera is also much higher. The controller can clearly see the situation of the robot during explosive disposal, but its grip is only 8 kg. Therefore, when you meet everyone, you have to use that "veteran" to start

xubailin, leader of Hangzhou special police detachment, said that the more advanced the equipment, the safer the citizens and explosive disposal team members will be. Since 1999, the explosive disposal assets of the special police detachment have become rich. In 2002, the first explosive disposal robot worth more than 1.4 million was transported from Canada. After a preliminary calculation, this row like a luggage rack is 13 The data processing system exploded on the car, and the combined value of various equipment has exceeded 10million yuan

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