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Exports and domestic demand weakened, and the price of waste paper in the United States fell in June

the price of waste paper in the United States decreased for the first time in 18 months, and the prices of deinked paper, base paper and used paper (ONP) fell in June. The varieties whose prices remain unchanged or increase slightly are pulp substitutes, mixed paper, coated ground wood pulp, magazines and a small number of boxboard paper, which can also produce ideal data edges and white newspapers

from June 1999 to February 2000, the prices in the market rose all the way. From March to may, the prices of most base paper, ONP and mixed paper continued to rise, but the prices of deinked paper and other varieties decreased

since this month, most varieties have been affected. Compared with May this month, the price of 21 varieties across the United States has been reduced by an average of 13 varieties, the largest price decline since December 1998, and about 14 varieties are lower than the average price in November last year

the varieties with large decline are: mixed white trim (SWL), old box board (OCC), mixed office paper (SOP) and coated book paper (CBS). OCC prices fell by $10.5 per ton, the largest decline since March 1998. At that time, the OCC price was reduced by $11/ton. The SWL of deinked paper decreased by $30.50/ton, CBS decreased by $14.50/ton, SOP decreased by $9/ton, the paper market weakened, No. 8 old paper decreased by $4/ton, and No. 6 old paper decreased by $2/ton

the buyer and the seller reported that the export of OCC, ONP and SWL decreased significantly, the demand in Asia weakened, and American factories may have sufficient inventory or prepare to shut down. It is estimated that about 21 box and board factories plan to shut down for maintenance this month

it is still difficult to book containers after U.S. exporters report the increase in freight rates. Mexico continues to buy U.S. ONP and OCC, but the demand for deinked paper SOP and CBS decreases. Several suppliers said that the reduction in exports increased U.S. inventories, resulting in goods flowing into factories at lower prices. In eastern Canada, the demand for American blended paper remains strong, but the demand for ONP and OCC decreases. Due to the maintenance of four factories (three are carton paper factories and one is paper factory) this month or the temporary shutdown due to the sluggish market

great changes have taken place in the market this month. The average price of OCC in the United States decreased, but the price of mixed paper did not change compared with the previous month. The average price of magazines remained unchanged, but the price of No. 8 and No. 6 used paper fell. Suppliers everywhere reported that the market demand for mixed paper is still strong

the supplier reported that SWL orders decreased last week. A major factory in the southern United States stopped buying SWL due to downtime. There are few orders from South Korea and Mexico. Suppliers do not know when South Korean Buyers will return to the market, but predict that South Korean Buyers will resume buying soon after the price drops. In the past four months, the price of SWL has decreased by an average of $70.50/ton, that is, from $261/ton to $19. Investigate and deal with the cause of the problem

suppliers hope that Asian buyers will return to the market within six weeks. Carton board factories and printing plants in the United States will also resume normal production, increasing the volume of waste paper transactions. However, most suppliers believe that the waste paper price in July/August is not optimistic. Suppliers in the southwest believe that Mexico will reduce its purchases next month and will not buy in large quantities until August. The amount of waste paper recycled in the United States will decrease next month, which will have some impact on the market imbalance of supply exceeding demand

it has bundled Utilization Oriented top-level research in the UK. Since February this year, the price of exporters has forced the domestic price of the United States to rise, but this month, the OCC price with strong exports in California began to decline due to the sluggish demand in Asia

boxboard mills in California, Oregon and Washington reduced purchases due to abundant inventory. The largest decline in prices in various regions of the United States was the decline in the price of OCC in California. Before June 1, a major factory in the West forced OCC to lower its price. Precautions for the operation of old pressure testing machines: the FOB price of OCC seller's Wharf in Jinshan - Los Angeles fell by $25/ton to $1/ton. The price in California fell by $10/ton last week

the biggest price increase this month was the edge cutting of carton board paper. The average price increased by $6.50/ton to $84/ton. It is said that some factories replace mixed paper with carton board cutting, which increases the demand. (pulp and paper weekly)

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