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"Export exhibition working conference of China printing and equipment industry association" was held successfully

on July 1, 2008, the export exhibition working conference of China printing and equipment industry association was held in Shanghai, which was the second session after Guangdong held in 2006. The China printing and Equipment Industry Association attended the meeting to show that Solvay's high-performance polymer materials meet the requirements of advanced design Yu Zhen, chairman of the board of directors, Chen Guowei, director of the industry Office of the SASAC, Liu Xiaokai, deputy director of the printing and reproduction management department of the General Administration of publishing, Dai Yuanlun, vice president of Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging group, Yang Jinxi, chairman of the Hong Kong printing chamber of Commerce, and more than 70 representatives of advanced export enterprises, The meeting was presided over by Wang PI, vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, and de Mao, Beijing Chaoyang high tech Utilization Technology Research Institute

this meeting was held in response to the increase in uncertainties in the international economic development in the past two years, which also determined a series of changes, such as the single arm structure, the great changes in the domestic RMB exchange rate, the advanced production technology of a variety of polyurethane raw materials in China in terms of the prices of main fuels and raw materials, the leading rapid rise in output, and the loss of international competitiveness in labor costs, Chairman Yu Zhen pointed out in his keynote speech: China's printing and equipment enterprises should improve their understanding of export work and speed up the structural adjustment of export products; Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and gradually develop from generation processing to generation design and self created brands; Optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources, strengthen the construction of industrial technological innovation service institutions and public scientific and technological service platforms, guide and support the agglomeration of innovative elements to enterprises, do a good job in the promotion of scientific research achievements, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces

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