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Expo Hall of the 2009 Industrial Expo: Science and technology make life like science fiction

no matter where we are, human beings will look forward to a more harmonious life mode and a more perfect life state. Dreams always bring people motivation and expectations, and technology is our means and sharp weapon to turn dreams into reality. Just as every WorldExpo will let mankind experience the splendor and magic of the future, the nearly 10000 square meter "WorldExpo science and Technology Exhibition" opened by the Ministry of science and technology, the Shanghai municipal government and other member departments and units of the WorldExpo science and technology leading group at this 2009 China International Industrial Expo has let us appreciate the charm of "WorldExpo science and technology" in advance, We have realized the true connotation of "Better City, better life; better technology, better Expo"

as soon as you step into the Expo Hall, the first thing you see is the Haibao robot that appeared on the Shanghai floats of the National Day Mass Parade at the military parade of the "60th birthday of new China". Its smiling expression seems to indicate the fantasy and brilliance of this "Expo technology experience trip" - intelligent robots that can cook 400 dishes, photovoltaic buildings that can generate electricity, life experience of LED lighting, new energy vehicles that can be used to save electricity... Expo technology has "evolved" people's lifestyle in almost all aspects of "clothing, food, housing and transportation", The chapters and passages in science fiction are vividly restored to our real life

[clothing] lighting and sterilization: super performance experience of LED lighting

the "led life experience Pavilion" located on the right side of the Expo Hall shows a deep scene under the light of LED, mysterious and full of surprise

in a vertical glass window, the faint LED light is quietly casting a soft halo on a simple cheongsam, and the technology research and development investment of a key new material enterprise accounts for more than 3% of the sales revenue. According to the person in charge of the exhibition hall, the LED light projected in this counter has the function of sterilization and mold removal. Irradiated clothes will be more clean and hygienic on people's bodies, and also provide more convenient storage and maintenance methods for clothes. In addition, this kind of super performance LED lighting can also play a role in the preservation and maintenance of jewelry, which will make the luster and brilliance of jewelry more permanent. It can be seen that the super performance LED lighting plays an important role in the better collection of public facilities such as museums

it is reported that the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo will be the largest LED exhibition area in the world. Led curtains, led ultraviolet lights, led refrigerators, led faucets, led mosquito killing lights, led televisions... At this Industrial Expo, visitors can first appreciate the magical skills of LED, which also makes people look forward to the all-round interpretation of LED at the Expo

therefore, hextow hm63 is an ideal material for the use of any high strength and high stiffness

[food] fast and safe: high-tech food detection

there is an area called "Expo safety and health exhibition area" in the Expo Pavilion of the Industrial Expo. As a grand event for all mankind, the WorldExpo is not only responsible for displaying the most cutting-edge scientific and technological civilization of mankind. On the other hand, it needs to truly apply these technological changes and industrial revolutions to human life, truly change human production and lifestyle, so as to promote and lead the development of the times. Therefore, in today's world, especially in China, a country where "food is the most important thing for the people", food hygiene has also received increasing attention

in the "Expo safety and health exhibition area", there are a series of tools that can help human beings test food safety faster and more accurately, such as sensors for rapid detection of harmful substances in drinking water, quick danger boxes for common food poisoning and emergency protection, and rapid detection kits for food chemistry

it is not difficult to find from the technologies and instruments on display that dairy products, meat and other foods will undergo special testing during the Expo. In the exhibition area, visitors can also learn about relevant items such as "Research on the safe and high-quality supply system of Expo pork products and industrialization demonstration". In addition, for the H1N1 virus that has threatened mankind wantonly recently, the Expo party also presented us with relevant detection technologies and instruments in the exhibition area

in the "Expo safety and health exhibition area", you will be confident in the food safety and health of the Expo and even the future life

[Live] energy saving and shining: photovoltaic buildings for solar power generation

in 2010, as the landmark permanent buildings of the Shanghai WorldExpo, the China Pavilion and the theme pavilion will shine with the outstanding light of "photovoltaic power generation system"

the system of the whole photovoltaic building will continuously transmit power to electricity under the sun. As a highlight of the "energy conservation and emission reduction" and "scientific and technological innovation" of the WorldExpo, the application of photovoltaic buildings marks a milestone in the application of "photovoltaic building integration", which will illuminate the light of "science and Technology Expo" in a real sense

in the Expo Hall of the Industrial Expo, visitors can not only appreciate the wonderful use and effectiveness of "photovoltaic power generation" in advance, but also truly experience the development direction of future ecological buildings in the exhibition area called "Hushang 8226; ecohome": the huge solar energy photothermal equipment on the roof can not only generate electricity for the whole building, but also connect with the electricity in the urban area. Once there is surplus energy, it can supply the whole electricity, which is the embodiment of "ecological building" and "the principle of small power plant". In addition, wind energy, clean energy, fuel cells, recyclable materials and other new energy will be applied in the ecological building

in addition, a bedroom for the future elderly is also set up in the exhibition area. Even if there is no family doctor, doctors can know a series of symptoms of the elderly such as hypertension and heart rate through "telemedicine sensing". This technology is a great blessing for both the elderly and children, and it is likely to become a reality in the next 20 years

[OK] green and convenient: transportation of new energy vehicles and road condition display terminals. China imported 34.6993 million tons of non-ferrous metals from the Philippines with

in the Expo pavilion, in addition to the interesting experience of "going to the Expo", a Porsche sports car with a blue ribbon is also eye-catching - this is the electric car "greenster" exhibited by Siemens. It is not only an environmentally friendly means of transportation, but also a mobile power storage device that can re transmit electric energy back to smart electricity

next to "greenster", visitors can also see five Expo new energy vehicles in addition to fuel cell buses in the Expo Park. Its biggest selling point is that it is powered by "hydrogen", which truly realizes the green operation of "zero carbon emission". This car will play an important role in the indirect transportation of the Expo venues during the Expo. It is reported that it is worth more than ten million yuan, with about 30 seats for more than 70 passengers at the same time, and has been offline at the end of last month

in terms of travel, the Expo Hall of this Industrial Expo has brought us far more surprises than new energy vehicles. Two query machines that can query road congestion in real time and provide dynamic tourism consulting are also popular

in the exhibition hall, a huge display shows the overall layout of Shanghai's urban transportation. Whether the viaduct is congested and whether the tunnel is unblocked can be seen at a glance through the query machine. It is reported that during the Expo, this query machine will appear in the parking lot around the Expo site for free use by drivers. The internal brain computer interface technology on the huge display screen can also be directly input into citizens' Bluetooth to guide citizens to watch the WorldExpo in the most convenient way

in addition, another navigation system called "e Citypass Shanghai connect" can tell you which shopping mall is promoting sales and which visit is vacant... When the WorldExpo is held, through it, tourists can not only get the dynamic tourism information of Shanghai, but also know all the performance information and other dynamic information in the Expo Park, truly realizing "everything is under control"

the above is just a "glimpse" of the whole Expo Hall, which is composed of seven parts: the "general situation exhibition area", "Expo planning and engineering construction exhibition area", "Expo green energy and energy conservation and emission reduction exhibition area", "future urban development exhibition area", "Expo information and services exhibition area", "Expo Park area environmental improvement and ecological comprehensive management exhibition area", and "Expo safety and health exhibition area", It brings visitors an extraordinary experience, which makes us full of expectations for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo and hope for the future life

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