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With the Shanghai WorldExpo in full swing, the WorldExpo economy has also become the focus of public attention. "Expo Economy" refers to a series of activities that the host city takes advantage of the business opportunities brought by the Expo to promote and develop the economy of the region and achieve sustained economic and cultural growth during the preparation and hosting of the Expo and a period of time after the Expo. It is a special economic phenomenon that can bring phased accelerated development to the economy of the host city and the country

and the Shanghai WorldExpo carries the high hopes of many people. Some experts predict that the economic output benefit of the Shanghai WorldExpo is 3.49 times that of the Beijing Olympic Games. According to the research, the "output impact" of the Shanghai WorldExpo will reach 79.477 billion yuan, including 46.864 billion yuan of "incremental consumption". Tourism benefits alone can drive the development of 13 industries, including hotels, transportation, communications, catering, etc

similarly, being responsible to customers, as an essential part of the construction of the Expo venues and the opening process of the Expo, automation instrumentation technology and large-scale control system also get a share. For example, abb then closed the oil delivery valve and opened the oil return valve. The company participated in the construction of 53 projects of Shanghai WorldExpo. From ABB frequency converter of stage control system to the Joint Pavilion of private enterprises to the lighting control of many public areas of the WorldExpo Park, the products ABB i-bus intelligent control system can be conveniently placed

for another example, the "theprobe" ultrasonic liquid level gauge of Siemens process instrumentation department is applied to the key pump control occasions of the underground drainage treatment system of the Expo venue; In the central air-conditioning circulating cooling water treatment of the Expo Theme Pavilion, Hashi's water quality analysis instruments are used, focusing on the detection of pH, conductivity, hardness, alkalinity and other indicators to ensure the normal operation of the central air-conditioning system; Relying on excellent production technology and product quality, Tieling special valve has won an order of more than 10 million yuan for valve products at the Shanghai WorldExpo, and so on

in fact, in addition to the number of "economic opportunities" brought by the Shanghai WorldExpo, its promotion of industrial restructuring and radiation to the regional economy all show that it is worthy of expectation. Therefore, China's instrument enterprises should grasp the opportunity of the Expo to meet the good opportunity of development

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