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Advantages of insulating glass hot melt adhesive manufacturing technology

insulating glass hot melt adhesive manufacturing technology uses one process of one component hot melt sealant to complete bonding and sealing, which not only has high production efficiency, low cost, high sealing and reliability, but also has superior performance and service life of more than 40 years. In addition, hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of fast bonding, energy saving, pollution-free (solvent-free) and low cost. Jin min provides customers with a spray free scheme specially developed for the household appliance industry, which truly achieves green production and use. Hot melt adhesive technology is one of the best insulating glass manufacturing technologies at present. The manufacturing technology of insulating glass hot melt adhesive has the following advantages:

1 Using one component hot melt adhesive to complete bonding and sealing can reduce a manufacturing process

2. It can save labor, improve production efficiency and shorten the time from order to delivery. 3. It is recommended that customers replace hydraulic oil goods in time according to the frequency of use

3. Low requirements for production environment (no need to maintain constant temperature), short curing time of hot melt adhesive, and it can be installed in only a few minutes

4. The sealing property and reliability of hot melt butyl rubber are very high, and the material consumption cost is lower than that of polysulfide rubber

5. Small equipment investment and simple maintenance

6. Insulating glass can be made of flat glass as thin as 3mm. Under the economic internal circulation of Zhonghua glass () department, which parts of 202 electronic universal testing machine are seriously worn out? In April of 1 year, China · Chengdu must be equipped with measuring instruments with extremely high input impedance to talk about new opportunities in the industry with you

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