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Jiangsu export fruits and vegetables are subject to "ID card" management

every batch of vegetables processed and exported by Jiangsu Suzhou Zhenxiang Food Co., Ltd. are marked with identity marks such as origin and batch number on the outer packaging of the products. This is because the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Department of Jiangsu Province has implemented the "ID card" management on export fruits and vegetables since May this year, so as to ensure the filing system of export fruits and vegetables planting bases. In each production season, the fruit and vegetable export enterprises should report the planting plan of the raw material base to the local inspection and quarantine institutions. The inspection and quarantine departments implement the whole process supervision from the selection and planning of the vegetable base to the use of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, as well as the harvesting, packaging, transportation and other links. At the same time, the inspection and quarantine department shall conduct safety and health supervision on export fruit and vegetable varieties and processing enterprises, and the system of repeated interruption and repeated measurement and control of parameter 1. At present, more than 700 export food processing enterprises have obtained health registration in Jiangsu Province, among which more than 100 manufacturers are on alert for health registration by authoritative institutions outside the zone

Chen Jiandong, deputy director of Jiangsu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, can choose to travel 1000 or 1200mm if the elongation of materials exceeds 1000%. Shao said that Jiangsu entry exit inspection and quarantine department has also established a joint meeting system with the agricultural and forestry departments at all levels. The two sides regularly exchange information and information, strengthen the publicity, guidance and management of the use of fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals, and ensure the safety and health of exported fruits and vegetables. (China Food News)

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