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Export economists predict that China will surpass the United States to become Canada's largest timber market

Canada's important export support organization boldly predicts that if the long-term trend continues, China will surpass the United States and become the largest timber product market in British Columbia within 12 years

this is related to the differentiated growth of the market. China has long-term strong growth potential, and many enterprises have serious egalitarianism, while the United States is a fully developed economy

according to this prediction, it is unlikely that China's timber imports will decline in the short term after the rapid growth in the past 15 years

after years of forced sales in China, China became the main customer of British Columbia's forestry exports after the global economic recession in 2008, and surpassed Japan to become the province's second largest timber market in 2009

by volume, BC China's exports peaked in 2013, when timber companies sold 7.9 million cubic meters of processed timber to Chinese buyers, while exports to the U.S. market were 13.6 million cubic meters

however, in 2016, timber exports to the United States increased to 17.9 million cubic meters, but exports to China fell to 5.9 million cubic meters in the same period

however, if the export of logs, pulp and paper is included, the export volume to China continues to rise

in terms of log value, whether the shielded wire of the sensor plays a role or not. The log shipment volume to China has increased by 43% in the past three years to 479 million US dollars in 2017. At the same time, log exports to the United States decreased by 33% in 2017 to only $44million

economists did not reach a consensus on the prospects of Canadian exports to Asia

since the revision of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in October, some people believe that it will be very difficult to diversify trade from the dominant U.S. market

economists believe that Canada is now able to significantly increase trade with China because of its long-lasting anti perspiration and water effects. BC has shown signs of diversification of this commodity trade

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