Kitchen ceiling new fashion

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The new fashion of kitchen ceiling is personalized, integrated, intelligent and functional, which is the direction of home space design. In meeting the trend of "kitchen and bathroom space integration", more and more ceiling manufacturers integrate the originally separated heating, ventilation, lighting, ceiling and other functions, inject more personalized considerations, integrated combinations, and functional integration into the traditional home decoration design, so that each component can play a more prominent synergistic benefit, and create an ideal and comfortable environment for home life as their ultimate goal

the real "bath top" is not simply electrical appliances plus ceiling, but both are considered and designed as a whole. They are often very easy to disassemble and move. A good bath top installs the electrical appliances on a mounting bracket called "yitenang", which can make the electrical appliances move and disassemble easily

a real shower top should have three major functions: first, the functional effect. Optimize the location according to the space use layout, and maximize the function of electrical appliances through combined installation; The second is the decorative effect. When designing, the designer should give full consideration to the whole spatial layout, such as the color of wall tiles, the installation method of water heaters, the design of mirror headlights, etc., and ensure the harmony and consistency of spatial design through unified planning; The third is the safety effect. Electrical components should choose famous brand products with good quality, and the characteristics of high humidity in bathrooms and toilets should be fully considered. When selecting the overall ceiling, the safety of electrical components must be put in the first place

the birth of the integral shower roof is a milestone in the manufacturing of metal ceiling. It is another innovation in the field of metal ceiling, marking that metal ceiling has gradually become the focus of home decoration




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