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Can't guarantee that the final project quality inspection is qualified? Hearing what the decoration company personnel said, Mr. Wang wondered, "qualified products + qualified processes ≠ qualified projects". Why

Nobel Cezanne impression tiles

quality problems &mdash& mdash; The conflict between every inch

qualified tiles, professional paving teams, and paving technology ensure that everything is perfect

can't guarantee the final project quality inspection? Hearing what the decoration company personnel said, Mr. Wang wondered: “ Qualified product + qualified process ≠ Qualified project ”, Why

- the qualified product of the event will also cause the unqualified project

after consideration, Mr. Wang, the owner, decided to lay ceramic tiles at home. After buying the tiles and handing them over to the decoration company, the staff of the decoration company told him that in order to ensure the quality of the project, they found that there might be a problem with the warpage of the tiles after being tested by the company's senior bricklayer before paving. If it is paved according to this situation, even if the construction procedures and processes of the construction personnel of the decoration company are qualified, the final project quality may also be unqualified

Mr. Wang went to the tile agent, and the other party took out the quality inspection report of the tiles. According to the national regulations, this batch of tiles are qualified, including the warpage problem. Mr. Wang is confused. Why can't you get a qualified project with qualified products and qualified processes

- the truth is that there are differences in industry standards, causing problems.

since ceramic tiles meet national standards, why are they unqualified when they are paved on the ground? Originally, the problem is “ Warpage of ceramic tiles ” And “ Ground engineering flatness ” The difference between the two standards

the warpage of tiles will also change according to the size of tiles. 800mm× Taking 800mm ceramic tiles as an example, the national standard recognizes that the warpage of ceramic tiles should be between plus and minus 1mm; The acceptance standard of ground engineering flatness is 0.3mm. In this way, there will be a phenomenon that the product is qualified but not qualified after paving

the reporter interviewed insiders about this. Dong Jianjun, general manager of European and American ceramics, said: “ The contradiction between these standards does exist. Now many big brands put forward higher standards for brand products in order to improve the quality of their products &mdash& mdash; Enterprise standards, effectively avoiding such problems& rdquo;

Qin Ji'an, engineer of Shaanxi interior decoration engineering quality supervision and inspection station, said: “ We usually try our best to persuade sellers to exchange products& rdquo; Li Chi, general manager of Longfa decoration, said: “ In this case, the home decoration company is also very difficult. In addition to trying to help customers check the quality of bricks and actively contacting the seller for replacement, for some products that are not too serious, try to let the paving workers lay these bricks in the corner, under the sofa, under the bed and other inconspicuous places& rdquo;

- improve product quality in the industry to avoid contradictions.

Yang Guijian, head of Shaanxi decoration materials quality supervision and inspection station, said: “ At present, the state has clear regulations on the quality standard of ceramic tiles, and the warpage is specified in detail according to the size of the brick. When carrying out material testing, we will strictly follow the national standards& rdquo;

Pang Rui, head of Shaanxi interior decoration engineering quality supervision and inspection station, said: “ Generally, the acceptance standard of the ground is to take at least three points in a natural room, and each point is used to detect the flatness of the room ground in two meters. The overall ground is qualified only when the warpage of the three points is qualified& rdquo;

Yang Guijian said: “ Before the introduction of the new standard, in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, it is very necessary to strictly inspect the products, so that the defective products can be returned or adjusted in time& rdquo;

- call on relevant departments to adjust standards as soon as possible

while the rapid development of the industry brings more material and visual enjoyment to consumers, there are also some hidden problems: the employment threshold is too low, various normative standards are not in place, or seriously lags behind the development of the industry. Industry insiders called on relevant departments to adjust relevant industry standards as soon as possible to avoid similar phenomena




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