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What kind of doors and windows can resist the super typhoon? How can we choose reliable doors and windows

after a night,

the windows of the house directly hit the downstairs

after a night,

there are only frames left in the windows at home

after a night,

the windows at home can only be tied with ropes

now I finally understand the importance of windows: it's impossible not to change them; It's wrong to save money. So, what kind of doors and windows can resist the super typhoon? How can we choose reliable doors and windows

1 the watertightness of casement windows is better

the quality of doors and windows lies in three aspects: watertightness, air tightness and wind pressure resistance. The so-called air tightness refers to the ability of the edges of doors and windows to prevent the penetration of external air flow; Water tightness refers to the ability of the edge to be waterproof and rainproof

generally, the water tightness standard of sliding window is 200pa~350pa, and that of casement window is more than 500 PA. The water tightness of a super typhoon like 'dove' has far exceeded 350pa

therefore, from the perspective of water tightness, casement windows can better prevent rainwater infiltration and are more suitable for coastal weather. However, we must choose high-quality hardware accessories, such as hobo, which is commonly used, to prevent the window sash from falling off when opening the window in windy weather


the balcony can consider lifting the sliding door

if it is used in outdoor space, such as balcony, it is best to choose the sliding door with double tracks up and down, that is, the one with sill on the floor, which is called water baffle in the industry. With this water baffle, you can have more defense

consumers with adequate budgets can choose to upgrade the sliding door. As long as you gently move the special long arm handle, you can easily slide the door leaf to any position and lock it. It is the most safe, watertight and airtight door type in the world at present. But it requires more hardware than ordinary sliding doors, and the price will be much higher

3 wall thickness is not the only determinant

don't think that the thicker the aluminum alloy and glass, the better. Whether the windows of your house are firm or not depends more on whether the main load-bearing members can meet the conditions of typhoon resistance and whether the cross-section of aluminum is large enough. The main load-bearing member actually refers to the middle column and middle cross member of the door and window. The design of aluminum alloy doors and windows is not only to calculate the height, width and thickness, but also to consider the wind pressure value of the main stressed member

take this door as an example, the main stress bar is the middle column

in addition, many people will simply think that aluminum is thick enough. But in fact, under the same section, the thicker the thickness is, the better, and the ability to resist wind pressure is strong. The section is simply understood as the cross section of aluminum, that is, the plane parallel to the wind direction. The wider this plane is, the stronger the wind pressure resistance will be

see, for two aluminum materials with the same length, the larger the section width of the upper one, the stronger the wind pressure resistance. If you think this is too laborious to understand, the simplest way is to choose qualified regular businesses. Don't be greedy for small and cheap, and remember the truth that you get what you pay for

of course, if you can tell you exactly what the wind pressure value required for the main stressed bars of your aluminum alloy doors and windows is, then it is basically reliable





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