Neoclassical style home is warm and relaxed by hom

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The restaurant is classical and elegant, with a low-key sense of luxury. It seems to have baroque style carving, but it doesn't seem to be very flashy. There is no dazzling gold and light yellow, which gives people a feeling of gorgeous and calm. In the classical air, it seems to find a familiar feeling - the feeling of home

put a chair and a lamp in this corner of the second bedroom. During the day, you can observe the scenery of the city, or sit here alone in a daze. At night, you can turn on a lamp to let your beloved book accompany you to spend a happy night

the colors of the sofa and the pillow are unified and coordinated. The color and style of the tea table and the chairs in the restaurant behind them echo each other from afar. The paintings on the wall and the bonsai on the cabinet add a bit of liveliness to the living room

the carvings at the head of the bed are integrated with the color of the wall, and the whole room gives people a sense of elegance and elegance

the bathtub seems a little high, but with two steps, people feel that the space seems to be widened again. Moreover, it also breaks the original space planning, adding a little more jumping and freedom. Home wants this kind of freedom

the partition of bathroom glass is continuous, which expands the space and produces a sense of permeability




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