Jindiyijing new Chinese classical decoration

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"The design scheme of home furnishing is not a simple stacking of elements, but to express the heart of Wuhan decoration owners." This is what the chief designer of living home decoration told Xiaobian. Today, what he wants to introduce to us is an example of a new Chinese design scheme of Jindi art realm - the outer circle and the inner side. The refined and circulating lines and well decorated space not only obtain the charm of traditional Chinese style, but also show the elegance of modern elements, making the artistic conception turn at will

Xiaobian comments: the marble TV wall breaks the integrated design scheme and gives the space a modern smell. The tan mirror design scheme extends the horizon of the living room, and collides with the traditional layout to create a spark of tradition and modernity

editor's comments: looking ahead, the design schemes of all restaurants are square and elegant. The carefully allocated furniture and furnishings, even the glass door with a square print, these details make the restaurant seem to be a small preservation area, making people addicted to this thick artistic air

editor's comments: the design scheme of the kitchen is a region with a strong sense of modernity, which pays more attention to the optimization of functions. Together with the antique restaurant area outside the door, it creates a multi spatial expression of the combination of Chinese and Western and the integration of old and new

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