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Today, when resource conservation is advocated, the waste of water resources is still serious, among which the waste of domestic water accounts for the main part of the waste of urban water resources

today, when resource conservation is advocated, the waste of water resources is still serious, among which the waste of domestic water accounts for the main part of the waste of urban water resources. However, with the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many people also consider the problem of water conservation when choosing toilet. At present, the manufacturers of ceramic sanitary ware in China are all fighting “ Water saving brand ”, A variety of water-saving products have been launched, but can the dazzling array of water-saving toilets on the market achieve the effect of water saving? How much do people know about water-saving toilets

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the reporter found that businesses put the slogan of water saving in the first place when promoting and publicizing toilets, and the brand of water-saving toilets is also dazzling. The water-saving effect of various toilets is also better than that of others, from 6-liter toilets to 5-liter, 4-liter toilets, and even 2.7-liter water-saving toilets. This phenomenon of various brands and varieties makes many consumers feel confused. Although many consumers are using water-saving toilets under national standards and have the awareness of buying water-saving toilets, they are not very clear about the concept of water-saving toilets and do not understand the types and differences of toilets

what kind of toilet is water-saving? The senior engineer of China Quality Certification Center told reporters that under the condition of ensuring the sanitary requirements, use functions and transmission capacity of drainage pipes, the toilet with no leakage and a flushing water volume of no more than 6 liters at a time is a water-saving toilet. The water-saving toilet system is composed of the toilet and its supporting water tank and accessories, pipes, fittings, interfaces and installation and construction technology. The water consumption in each flushing cycle is no more than 6 liters, that is, the sewage can be washed away from the toilet trap and discharged into the gravity drainage system

which products should be tested for water-saving toilets? Experts pointed out that, first of all, in terms of flushing effect, under the condition that the total flushing water consumption is not more than 6 liters, the following requirements should be met: the polypropylene ball method is used for solid discharge, and the average number of balls passed through three times of flushing is not less than 85; After each rinse, use the ink line method, and the total length of accumulated residual ink marks shall not be greater than 50mm; Water seal depth and water seal recovery shall not be less than 50mm; The dilution ratio after sewage discharge test shall not be less than 100 times. Secondly, in terms of pipeline transportation capacity, all four test pieces rushed out of the toilet and into the sewage riser through a 5-meter horizontal pipe, which should be able to rush out of 12 meters. In addition, on the accessories of the water tank, the control mechanism should be stable and reliable, easy to operate, flexible and free of jamming; The strength and sealing performance of the water inlet valve shall meet the first-class requirements specified in the industrial standard for building materials of low water tank accessories of toilet; Under the water supply pressure of 0.05 MPa, the water inflow time is not more than 120 seconds; The overflow outlet must be 20mm higher than the effective working water surface; The water outlet of the water inlet valve should be 20mm higher than the overflow pipe; The drain valve shall be free of leakage; When the effective water volume of the water tank is 6 liters, the drainage flow of the drain valve should not be less than 2.0 liters per second; The service life is more than 50000 times

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