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The paint market has always been the most mixed, and consumers often need to spend a lot of time if they want to buy high-quality authentic paint. The same is true of primer. Let's take a look at the primer selection for everyone, so that everyone can be confident in the decoration

1. Choose products matching with the top coat

when choosing wall coating, everyone will generally consider the top coat first, while the primer generally chooses the primer matching the top coat of the same brand. And the brand topcoat will generally have supporting primer products. The compatibility of the primer and finish of the same brand must be absolutely considered when developing, and the formula is confidential. The formula of different brands must be different, which leads to incompatibility, resulting in various unpredictable problems on the paint surface

2. Estimated dosage

the dosage of primer is related to the number of brushing times. Generally, the painting of the wall follows the construction method of one bottom and two sides, but there are also special cases. However, the amount of primer can generally be estimated based on this. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. What is listed in the above table is the amount of primer required for different painting areas, which you can refer to. After making a rough estimation of the dosage, you can buy enough at one time to avoid chromatic aberration when you buy it successively

3. Pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of products

there are many bad businesses on paint products, which pretend to be true and deceive consumers. Therefore, when purchasing, the key is to carefully identify the authenticity of the product. In order to buy genuine products, it is best to buy them in brand stores. At the same time, many brands of coatings provide methods to identify the authenticity. Don't be afraid of trouble. You must check carefully to prevent buying fake and inferior products





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