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Private enterprises make new contributions again! At the end of last year, China's independently developed observation strike integrated UAV - "pterodactyl" -1d successfully made its maiden flight, with a total flight time of 30 minutes. This aircraft is also the first kind of military UAV with composite body in China, which is of great significance in the development history of China's aviation industry

the "pterodactyl" -1d observation strike integrated UAV that was statically displayed on the ground at the Zhuhai Air Show

for example, the aircraft adopts a carbon fiber composite body, forming a real "lightweight", which has the advantage that the structural weight of the whole aircraft has been greatly reduced, the structural strength and structural willfulness have also been greatly improved, and it has a certain stealth performance. Most importantly, the weapon load of the aircraft has been greatly expanded. Different from "pterodactyl" -1, the external load of "pterodactyl" -1d "has been greatly increased from the original 100 kg to 400 kg, and the number of wing pylons is also more than that of" pterodactyl "-1, up to 4, which makes the task load more selective and can carry out multiple strike missions in one flight mission. Due to the composite materials, the endurance time of the "pterodactyl" -1d has been extended to an amazing 35 hours, which can be called an absolutely excellent long endurance UAV. In fact, the ceiling has also been extended to 7500 meters. It can also carry heavier radar and photoelectric reconnaissance equipment. In a word, the load of "pterodactyl" -1d is better than that of "pterodactyl" -1. The endurance time is 1/3 longer and the practical ceiling is 15% longer

it is noteworthy that the carbon fiber composite used in the whole fuselage of "Yilong" -1d "was developed by Sichuan xinwanxing carbon fiber composite Co., Ltd., a private enterprise in China. The company has successfully broken through many technical problems and innovated the manufacturing industry. It is truly an independent innovation and R & D enterprise. In the context of China's military civilian integration, the company has pushed the development of national defense weapons and equipment to a climax, and has also successfully broken through a series of foreign blockades on China's related technologies

carbon fiber composites

the successful application of carbon fiber composites is of great benefit to other military aircraft in China, especially to the domestic j-20 stealth fighter, which is one of China's most important weapons

the importance of aviation materials is even higher than that of aeroengines, payloads and electronic radars. Without the support of excellent aviation materials, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the overall framework of the aircraft, and talk about the aircraft with excellent design. After all, aviation materials are an important guarantee for the development of human aircraft and can meet people's hopes for aircraft performance, life and reliability. Nowadays, aviation materials, aero engines and information technology have become the three core technologies in the aviation industry. The U.S. Air Force previously released a report entitled "forecasting the development of aviation technology in 2025", which believes that there are 43 most important key areas in the development of aviation technology. At the same time, aviation materials (4) are driven by electromechanical and reducer connecting cams to drive connecting rods to do reciprocating motion, which ranks second. At the same time, the US Department of defense has also formulated "four major science and technology" projects, namely, material technology, sensor technology, information technology and affordable technology. Aviation materials are the priority projects of material technology. The United States is also actively exploring the application of composite materials in aircraft. Therefore, it shows the extreme importance of aviation materials

at that time, the j-20 stealth fighter can fully apply the material achievements of "pterodactyl" -1d "in the future, so that the structural weight of the aircraft will be further reduced, and the stealth performance, structural strength and aerodynamic shape of the aircraft will be further improved. If more advanced aircraft engines are installed, the combat effectiveness of the j-20 will be greatly improved. At the same time, other new aircraft developed in China can also use this very mature composite material. It can also fuse composite materials with the existing flight platforms, so as to greatly improve the overall strength of China's air force

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organic fibers can be transformed into carbon fiber composites after multiple processes of heat treatment. The carbon content of organic fibers is 90%. Bayer materials technology can provide extensive technical support according to the technical development needs of customers. However, the carbon fiber composites as inorganic high-performance fibers have higher carbon content. They are the most excellent new materials in terms of mechanical properties. Their strength is five times that of steel and can withstand the high temperature of 2000 degrees, The coefficient of thermal expansion is very low, and the radiation and corrosion resistance is also very excellent

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