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PROCAM - multi axis professional NC machining

Windows Based NC machining system. Easy to learn and use, fast running speed, and can run multiple tasks at the same time. Support multi axis NC milling, turning, wire cutting, laser forming, water spray and other processing methods, and support the main cad/cam/nc standard data formats. It is used in two-dimensional and three-dimensional mechanical design, mold design, prototype design, pattern design and reverse engineering. Including ultra-high pressure ratio core machine, composite fan blades manufactured by 3D braided resin mold transfer molding technology, composite fan casing, 3rd generation 3D Aerodynamic Design compressor and turbine blade design technology, 2nd generation double ring premixed hydrocyclone (taps II) combustion chamber technology, variable area external culvert nozzle and advanced materials, etc.

surface modeling functions: can generate cross surface, guide line surface, equidistant surface, fillet surface Blend surface, revolve surface, rational surface, corner compensation surface and advanced NURBS surface, automatically convert text to arc or spline, multi surface parting

modifiability: 100% modifiable, and it can modify the setting parameters, processing model and display settings at any time

intuitive display: various light sources can be defined, and the brightness and position of light source points can be set and adjusted. You can define the color of the display of the machining model

machining simulation method: define various machining parameter values, including tool type, tool feature, tool motion and speed, cutting mode, cutting material type, etc

tool library: intuitive tool shape display, more than 500 kinds of commonly used tools. It can be customized

tool path management: different machining operations are grouped into logical groups and arranged in a tree order. There is a graphical interface for checking and

processing mode: 2-axis to 5-axis milling, turning and wire cutting

processing code: new programs can be generated or existing programs can be modified to compare and sort the programs. Define CNC machine tools and download programs

system configuration: modify the default configuration parameters of the system, including system, display, processing, plotter, file and other options, as well as system file, precision, processing default path, input device, etc

system tools: convert SolidWorks solid model to machining model, convert apt file to Inc format, modify problematic DSN file, read geometric model of IGES file, etc

tool path verification: use the solid model to display the material removal process of 2-axis to 5-axis milling, and detect cutting and speed errors

post processing: convert tool path files into various standard eia/iso machine tool NC codes for actual cutting parts. The system provides post-processing programs for hundreds of CNC machine tools. Users can write their own post-processing program by graphically filling in parameters according to the special requirements of their own machine tools

dnc system: the computer can be connected with the NC machine tool, and the NC code can be directly downloaded to different machine tools for processing

processing material library: hundreds of materials, including automatic feed speed and processing speed values, and can be customized

various processing methods:

two axis and half processing: groove processing, four axis and five axis rotation points and optimized drilling, groove processing of automatic ring milling and row milling, avoiding multi height islands and fixtures

three axis machining: Machining solid model, plane piece multi curve 29, JIS surface, machining accuracy control by residual height and step distance, automatic Z-direction deep rough machining and finish machining

four axis and five axis machining: all axes of four axis and five axis are linked, cutting perpendicular to the surface, leading and lagging tool tip machining and tool side edge machining

turning: rotary cutting and groove turning rough and finish machining. The automatic sorting intelligent control system is developed by using the computer and its corresponding interface cards and PLC to check the front and rear corners of the cutting tools to avoid grooves. It also has the functions of end cutting, drilling, thread cutting, cutting, etc; Milling car and supporting sub rotation axis; Intelligent tool return for complex shapes

wire cutting: axis cutting, using two axes for four materials, including naturally occurring polymers and other materials in bones, axis cutting, four axis cutting and four axis UV wire cutting

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