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Problems existing in the current trademark printing management trademark printing management refers to the behavior of the trademark administrative department to manage the printing activities of the printing unit and the printing client of the trademark logo. Strengthening the management of trademark printing is of great significance to plug the loopholes in the management of trademark use, prevent illegal and unqualified trademark signs from entering the market, effectively protect the interests of trademark owners and other legitimate users of trademarks, protect the reputation of famous brand trademarks, and stabilize the social and economic order

I. Problems in current trademark printing management

1. Illegal printing is more hidden. The process of trademark printing is separated from the production and processing of the goods. As the object of supervision, the target is not obvious, and the printing time is short, the speed is fast, and the production and processing behavior is hidden. Although the number of trademark logo printing is increasing, it is difficult to be found

2. The trademark printing unit has weak legal awareness. As a result, the internal management of some trademark printing enterprises has been lax, the verification of printing business has become a mere formality, and the trademark printing management system has not been implemented. Due to inadequate daily supervision and the fact that the trademark printing unit, for its own economic interests, has not completed the certificate of the trademark printing client, the trademark printing unit has contracted to print, and the contracted printing business has neither registered the business account nor established the printing archives

3. It is difficult for supervision and management to form a unified force. According to the regulations, the publication administration departments at or above the county level are responsible for the supervision and administration of the printing industry within their respective administrative areas, and the public security, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments are responsible for the relevant supervision and administration within their respective functions and responsibilities. Manage complex cross content

II. Countermeasures to strengthen the management of trademark printing

1. Further clarify the importance of trademark printing supervision and strive to improve the management level. From the perspective of rectifying and standardizing the market economic order, supporting and guiding the healthy development of the printing industry, we should fully understand the importance of strengthening the management of trademark printing units and the harm of illegally printing trademarks, so as to enhance our awareness. We should always maintain a high degree of vigilance and make unremitting efforts. Especially in the key areas with dense printing enterprises, the high-pressure situation of strict investigation and management should be maintained

2. Establish and improve the trademark printing management system focusing on certificate filing, and standardize and guide the self-discipline operation of enterprises. Adhere to the combination of special rectification and publicity of laws and regulations, guidance services and legal norms, education and guidance and strict investigation and punishment, go deep into trademark printing enterprises to strengthen administrative guidance, set up inspectors, guide enterprises to implement the five systems of NCC, which was founded in 2012, and now covers an area of 17500m2, so as to enhance enterprises' awareness of access control and prevention, and improve enterprises' self-management level

3. Strengthen daily supervision and further establish and improve the credit rating supervision system for trademark printing enterprises. On the basis of economic household registration management, credit information of trademark printing units shall be collected and entered in strict accordance with the requirements of economic household registration management and credit classification supervision. Give full play to the advantages of industrial and commercial offices in comprehensive supervision and economic household registration supervision, incorporate trademark printing enterprises into enterprise credit supervision, and strengthen industrial and commercial inspection and dynamic supervision. According to the actual needs of the supervision of trademark printing enterprises, the inspection and supervision system of Quarterly General Survey and monthly spot check of printing enterprises with the characteristics of diversification, material saving and simple manufacturing skills shall be implemented

4. Intensify the crackdown, and severely investigate and deal with the illegal printing of trademark marks. In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, it shall inspect, supervise and manage the trademark printing and operation within its jurisdiction according to law, and investigate and deal with illegal printing and trademark infringement according to law. Strictly check whether the printing license of the enterprise is legal and effective; Strictly check the printing procedures and contents to prevent counterfeiting and infringing trademarks; We will strictly investigate the illegal acts of printing infringing and counterfeit trademark logos, highlight the key points of rectification, strengthen supervision and law enforcement, and resolutely block the source of trademark counterfeiting and infringement

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