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Toyo problem tires have been flowing into China in large quantities. Some time ago, due to the "Three Guarantees" claim settlement dispute, Toyo (tongyiou) truck and bus tire Department provided customized technical solutions for various pipeline projects. Chinese dealers blocked its Shandong plant and asked to solve the problems, which attracted wide attention in the industry

the matter has not been settled yet. Recently, another dealer disclosed to the dealer that Toyo's car tyres had quality defects and a large number of defective tyres had entered the market

got an inspection report on Toyo (tongyiou) car tyres. The tyres submitted for inspection were produced in february2013. The inspection results show that the additives in the car tyres of Toyo are separated out, which is a product with defective formula

the inspection report is made by Shenyang product quality supervision and Inspection Institute under Shenyang Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision

according to insiders, over time, a layer of white foam will appear on the outside of these problematic tires, while black oil rust will appear on the inside. "We commonly call it a floating wax tire, because a layer of things like white wax will float on the tire."

it is known that the braking performance of these tires will be significantly reduced due to the "floating wax" covering on the surface, which will affect the driving safety

the above dealers said that after actual tests, the average braking distance of these tires increased by two meters compared with normal tires when the vehicle speed reached 1.00 km/h

"let's not talk about whether foaming will pollute the environment. If you can't stop the car, it can kill people in an emergency." A person familiar with the matter said to the tire world

after verification by the tire world, the type of these problematic tires is snow tires, which are mainly sold to the northern winter tire market. Dealers in Shenyang, Harbin, Urumqi and other places have received these tires

some Toyo dealers said that Toyo tire itself has never admitted that this is a floating wax tire. "They call these tires' beauty tires' and say they wax for beauty."

Chinese executives have warned about the impact

it is understood that these problematic tires are worth about 20million yuan, which are all mixed with normal tires and distributed to dealers, and sold in the Chinese market

people familiar with the matter told us that Dongyang Zhangjiagang factory had found problems with these tires before they left the factory. Due to the white precipitates on the tire surface, in order to hide the defects from dealers and consumers, the Japanese management personnel of the factory asked Chinese workers to clean up these tires

the insider said: "the factory transferred all its employees to the warehouse and rubbed the tires with gasoline."

it is known that the vulcanized rubber will swell when encountering gasoline, so wiping the tire with gasoline will corrode the rubber on the surface, and the tread will become sticky and soft, affecting the service life of the tire

before these tires entered the market, a marketing director of Toyo tire China once reminded Japanese managers: "such tires cannot be sold in the market. If they are sold, it will cause adverse effects. The loss is not only the tires with tens of millions of yuan of materials loaded by intelligent loading robots. After losing its reputation, Toyo will lose hundreds of millions of yuan in China's tire market."

according to the normal treatment method, this batch of tires should be completely destroyed. Unfortunately, those warnings were clearly not heeded. That year, the director was transferred to other parts of Asia

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