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The problems existing in China's metal packaging industry can not be ignored

the metal container committee of China Packaging Federation organized forces to investigate more than 40 enterprises in different regions, different ownership, different scales and different product structures. From the survey results, the development situation of China's metal packaging industry is optimistic, but some problems can not be ignored

at present, there are more than 1000 metal packaging enterprises with a certain scale in China. There are more than 500 with annual sales of more than 5million yuan before the cement is dried. The total industrial output value of metal packaging containers is about 25billion yuan. In recent years, the metal packaging industry has maintained a relatively stable, healthy and sustainable development momentum, basically maintaining an annual growth rate of about 7%

according to the market research results, some large enterprise groups and intensive production are taking shape in the industry. By taking advantage of its capital, technology, brand, popularity and other advantages, large enterprise groups are continuing to become bigger and stronger through capital export, low-cost expansion, reorganization, merger, leasing and other forms. The follow-up layout is adopted nationwide with the user as the goal. For example, org cans and Hangzhou COFCO Meite are the representatives to become the industry leaders

some medium-sized enterprise groups have made great progress. They have become the backbone of metal packaging by taking the advantage of their high market share of products, relying on their comprehensive strength, taking products as the center, user needs as the radius, and using the diffusion method to reasonably distribute in different regions of China. For example, Shenzhen Huate has set up branches in Shanghai and Tianjin to occupy the market of high-end gift boxes and art cans in big cities; Jiangsu Huayuan company, with its unique management mode and strong product development and mold design and manufacturing capacity, can meet the market demand of multi specification, multi variety and small batch of chemical tanks and miscellaneous tanks. 60% of its products are exported to foreign markets, and has set up a branch in a province in Southwest China. Occupy the high and middle grade miscellaneous tank Market; According to its product characteristics, Shandong Lipeng company has established a branch in Sichuan, which is rich in wine, and achieved great success by virtue of its ability in equipment development, mold development and manufacturing of aluminum alloy cup protrusion and cup punching test process, and taking the aluminum anti-theft cap for wine bottle sealing as the target market

the survey results show that many enterprises attach importance to technological progress, technological development, create brand products with independent intellectual property rights, win users, win the market, and follow the connotation development mode. For example, Zhejiang Yiwu yikaigai Co., Ltd. has more than 80 engineering and technical personnel engaged in product development and mold development. Recently, it has spared no expense to spend more than 7million yuan to introduce a set of metal cutting machine tools with international advanced level from abroad to improve the processing capacity and precision of molds. The products have created a brand with independent knowledge of cutting off oil source electromechanical intellectual property rights, with an annual output of nearly 1billion yikaigai, of which 50% are exported, Obtain good economic benefits. For another example, Suzhou slake precision equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the automatic production line of easy to open lid with its talent advantage in high-tech product development. It has obtained a number of patents, filled the domestic gap, broken the situation of relying on imports for many years, and won a variety of awards. It has been applied in domestic easy to open lid production enterprises and exported to some countries in Southeast Asia

according to the survey, some practical problems in the metal packaging industry can not be ignored: first, there are too many small enterprises, most of which are backward in technology, the quality of employees is not high, the quality of products is low, and the resource consumption is large; Second, most of the enterprises in the industry are not strong in independent innovation ability, and their product development and technology research and development level is not high, which lags far behind the international advanced level; Third, there is a serious shortage of professional and technical personnel; Fourth, if all kinds of information are not enough, first observe the testing and debugging of the tensile testing machine

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