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Problems in slotting, die cutting, nailing box and sticking box

until such forward and backward movements become free of resistance; No matter how good the printing quality is, any ring in the subsequent processes such as slotting, die cutting, nailing box, gluing box, etc. 8 Problems in the cable joints repeatedly bitten by rats will affect the quality of the final packaging carton. After investigation, there are indeed many problems in these processes. This is summarized as follows. I hope you can help solve it


(1) when slotting, the bottom-up knife often breaks the cardboard. Some manufacturers deal with this problem by changing the shape of the knife edge, but the effect is not obvious

(2) the gap of natural closing box has size

(3) vertical line, inner line and strip line burst

die cutting

(1) the hardness of die cutting pad material is not enough (refers to round pressing die cutting). As time goes by, the pad material will become thinner, affecting the die cutting size

(2) white face paper cartons are easy to get dirty during die cutting

(3) functional characteristics and precautions of the horizontal tensile testing machine for steel wire rope of the round pressing die the hardness of the sponge strip used for cutting is not enough, resulting in paper edge plugging knife, resulting in the change of die cutting size

(4) change the product frequently, and some parts cannot be cut thoroughly during die cutting

(5) die cutting (round pressing) is not clean

(6) it is easy to transfer the ink color to the surface of the carton through the ox tendon during die cutting, which will affect the appearance quality of the carton

nail box

(1) the pressing line is not correct, resulting in poor squareness of the box behind the nail box and uneven shaking cover

(2) the nail position runs, and one end is larger than the other

carton gluing

(1) when the carton is glued after printing, the surface is smooth, resulting in uneven shake cover

(2) poor control of white glue viscosity

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