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The process of silk printing photographic plate making

the principle of silk printing photographic plate making is basically the same as that of other printing methods. The photographic plate making equipment and materials used are also the same as modern photographic plate making equipment. Now let's briefly introduce the process flow of silk printing photographic plate making:

determine the original → plate making photography (including color separation) → development → fixing → water washing → drying → revision → photographic addition → revision → drying silk plate

when making monochrome plates, photographic positive negatives are prepared according to the phase process, which can be used for drying silk plates

when making color original negatives, you can shoot the plus phase diagram plate according to the photographic procedure, or contact the copy plus. Then it can be used for drying silk printing plates

the specific contents of some items in the above process flow are as follows:

determine the original - that is, sort out the original to be copied, calculate the specification proportion, and determine the rule line

plate making Photography - when taking color separation films of multi-color originals with photographic equipment, it is photographic color separation

development - put the photographed negative film into the developer for development. After the photosensitive film is exposed to light, the silver halide in the emulsion layer is exposed to photochemical action to form a latent image. After the chemical treatment of the developer, the latent image becomes a visible and clear image

fixing - in order to keep the clear and visible image unchanged for a long time after the photographic film is developed, the fixing chemistry and theory must be carried out. The principle is to remove the non photosensitive residual silver halide on the photographic film, so as to fix the image

water washing - water washing can be divided into intermediate water washing and final water washing, which are two small links in the process of photographic plate making and two procedures that can not be ignored. The first example in: each time the load is applied, it can only reach a certain load. The washing is carried out between the developing and fixing, which respectively represents the nominal tensile strength value and yield strength ratio of the bolt material. It can stop the developing and protect the fixing solution. The final washing is to wash away the fixer and other impurities. The water used in this washing is clean and flowing, and the temperature of this water is required to be within ℃

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