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Nanjing's first private parking lot invested tens of millions and suffered an annual operating loss of more than 100000

when Nanjing proposed to encourage social forces to invest in public parking lots, the city's first underground parking lot invested and constructed by private enterprises at No. 165 Zhongshan Road was in a dilemma. According to the construction plan, the investment of the whole project is about 30 million yuan, which is divided into two underground floors. However, the daily rental rate of more than 200 parking spaces here is less than 5%, and the annual operating cost alone will lose more than 100000 yuan. When Nanjing proposed to encourage social forces to invest in public parking lots, the city's first underground parking lot invested and constructed by private enterprises, located at 165 Zhongshan Road, was in a dilemma. Although it is adjacent to Xinjiekou business district, since it was put into operation in 2012, the daily rental rate of more than 200 parking spaces here is less than 5%, and the annual operating cost alone will cause a loss of more than 100000 yuan. The dilemma of living beyond its means makes this private enterprise parking lot, which originally wanted to make money by collecting parking fees, feel overwhelmed

Zhongchuang company's special tips: loss dilemma

five years ago, Nanjing private enterprises first built a public parking lot

with an investment of more than 30million yuan, which can park 240 cars

2005, in order to solve the problem of parking in the central area at that time, Nanjing Gulou District Government approved the construction of the underground parking lot in the green square on the east side of Jinling middle school on Zhongshan Road in the form of government documents. The land and resources department followed up quickly and made public bidding for the plot. Our company has the first-class production technology of mechanical garage, and the construction of parking lot also belongs to the sunrise industry, so the company decided to invest in the construction of a three-dimensional garage. Lifuyi, head of the administrative department of Jiangsu Zhongtai parking industry Co., Ltd., recalled that with the technical guarantee, the government also had this demand, so they successfully took the land. However, at that time, it was absolutely new for private enterprises to invest in the construction of public parking lots, because no enterprise was willing to pay for the government to build a parking lot in China

the construction of the garage was quite a sensation at that time. At that time, the most popular media description was that the Gulou District government introduced the three-dimensional garage mastered by local enterprises in Nanjing and invested in the construction of the latest European three-dimensional technology, which was also the first underground garage with green space on the ground in Nanjing

according to the construction plan, the investment of the whole project is about 30 million yuan, which is divided into two underground floors. It adopts two sets of the world's most advanced European third-generation intelligent parking technology parking systems, and has three parking floors, which can park 240 vehicles. Due to its advanced technology, high parking density, fast access speed and novel development mode, it has been listed as a science and technology demonstration project of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. The construction and urban investment departments of sister cities in China, such as Guangzhou, Shenyang and Xiamen, have come to visit and investigate. Many cities want to copy this mode, but they have not yet completed it

only ten stops a day 14 Lighting: there are several vehicles equipped with lighting lamps on the top of the box. The annual loss is more than 100000

the approved price is 12 yuan per hour, and only half of it is charged.

according to the available data, the construction of this public parking lot invested by private enterprises was officially started in 2008, and it was put into operation in 2012. At that time, the charging standard given by the software design door of the static load tensile testing machine system of the Ministry of prices was 12 yuan per hour. After more than two years of operation, what is the situation of this parking lot? Although it has its own house number and is on Zhongshan Road, it is not easy to find this parking lot, because its real entrance and exit are hidden in the southwest corner of the Greenland square next to Jinling middle school. When I came here yesterday, business was light here

no one stopped the car. They all stopped at the side of the road. A staff member at No. 165 parking lot, Zhongshan Road pointed to the monitoring screen of the underground garage, and saw that the parking spaces on the screen were almost empty. The staff member told the Yangtze Evening News that although the charge price they approved was 12 yuan per hour, they didn't dare to charge a high price at all, sometimes even half of it. Nevertheless, the rental rate of their parking spaces per day is still less than 5%

the reality also makes the garage investors anxious. Zhanghangsheng, manager of the maintenance and operation Department of Jiangsu Zhongtai parking industry Co., Ltd., told the Yangtze Evening News that the original road planning and design in front of the parking lot was not the same as the current situation. At the beginning, they understood that the entrance and exit of the parking lot should be the North extension of Gaojia tavern Road, but I don't know what the reason is. The road connecting Guangzhou road and Huaqiao road was not built in the end. As it involves government planning issues, and it is not easy for investors to intervene in the parking lot, the current situation makes the location of their parking lot very embarrassing. The gate has become a dead end road that can not be opened to traffic. Without traffic flow, there will be fewer cars to park

with the increase of all uncertain factors, their planned garage construction cost has increased from more than 30 million yuan in the original budget to more than 4000 million yuan. As the largest and most influential international professional exhibition in China and even all Asia, excluding the construction cost, today's operation has become a bottomless pit. Zhanghangsheng said that at present, their annual garage operation loss is more than 100000 yuan. If the enterprise had not made income in the production and sales of mechanical garages, the garages would have been unable to operate

two strange phenomena

the first strange phenomenon is that he doesn't make money but has to pay taxes according to the real estate project

facing the current situation, Zhang Hangsheng feels a little confused. Zhanghangsheng bluntly said, who is willing to spend a lot of money on public parking lots that do not make money? What puzzled him was that although public parking lots did not make money, they had to pay taxes according to the items that made money. We feel that the garage is a municipal supporting facility, but in practice, it seems that we are regarded as a real estate project. We have to pay any land value-added tax and property tax, which are still very high. Zhanghangsheng was puzzled by this kind of tax payment category. They jokingly called this project a monster, and suggested that the government should issue supporting laws and regulations for private capital investment in the construction of social public parking lots. Only in this way can we stimulate the increase of the total number of parking spaces and fundamentally solve the problem of parking

in his opinion, compared with the profitable real estate industry, their parking lot investment has never made any money. Their tens of millions of investment in garages has also made up for the lack of the government in garage construction to a certain extent.

in fact, some of their garages have been sold to surrounding enterprises. When it comes to tax payment, the tax payment by referring to the category of real estate projects makes it even worse for enterprises that already cannot make ends meet. He hoped that the government could loosen the tax policy for enterprises investing in public supporting facilities

there are more and more parking spaces on the roads around the second monster

No. 165 parking lot on Zhongshan road is located on the north side of Gaojia tavern road. A year ago, Gaojia tavern road was widened and reconstructed, and then new parking spaces were opened on both sides of the road. The newly allocated parking space has become an important function of the newly widened section

in the face of this situation, zhanghangsheng proposed that roads are mainly traffic functions. He has made an investigation. As parking spaces on both sides of the new road section have been added, the width of the widened road surface has not changed much compared with the road before widening. Is it worth the money? He pointed out that increasing parking spaces is a good thing, but in the face of the current situation that many enterprises cannot make ends meet by investing in three-dimensional parking garages, when planning parking spaces, the government should take into account the existing and unsaturated parking garages around, and should not draw lines for parking hastily. In this way, vehicles are parked on the road. Which enterprise will invest in the construction of parking lots again

■ three suggestions

make it profitable for private capital to invest in parking lots. Only when the investment in the garage is profitable, can it attract more private capital to participate. Zhanghangsheng, manager of maintenance and operation Department of Jiangsu Zhongtai parking industry Co., Ltd., said frankly that he put forward three suggestions

30 million investment in garages is too much for private capital. Whether the land for parking lot can be allocated or transferred by agreement to give priority to the construction land of parking lot, which can reduce the indirect cost of land acquisition by parking enterprises. In addition, the construction fees should be reduced or exempted, which is conducive to the sustainable development of urban economy. Not all private capital can afford to invest more than 30 million yuan in parking lots

parking prices should be fully market-oriented. At present, the parking charge price is still a combination of government pricing, government guidance price and market regulation price. Only by liberalizing market prices and strengthening parking management can the burden of car owners not be increased and parking enterprises make money

only when the parking lot increases income can people be willing to invest. Zhanghangsheng asked whether the government planning department could allow parking enterprises to build a certain proportion of parking supporting properties for parking leisure, community public services, car beauty and other car related services without affecting the beauty of the city and meeting the number of planned parking spaces. The advantage of this is that it can increase the income of parking enterprises, fully mobilize market forces to actively participate in the construction of parking facilities, and solve the problem of urban parking. Yangtze Evening News

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