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Problems in the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine exported from China at present, the packaging materials used for the export of traditional Chinese medicine mainly include paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass, cotton and hemp, and composite materials, ceramics, silk, etc. More containers are used for packaging, such as cartons (cartons), iron drums, various bottles, cans, tins, boxes, various plastic bags, composite bags, pallets, etc. According to a rough survey of Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and cities, about% of cartons (including paper) are packed; About 20% of them are packed in gunny bags (including gunny cloth in Shanghai); Machine binding accounts for 10%; Other fine high-grade packaging is less than 10%. Compared with developed countries, there is a considerable gap in drug export packaging. With such a high level of packaging, it is inevitable that some traditional Chinese medicine will be exported to some countries and regions

at present, there are some problems in China's export packaging of traditional Chinese medicine: 1. The packaging design is unreasonable; 2. Low quality materials provide customers with high standard service for our products; 3. Backward packaging form; 4. Improper loading; 5. Improper binding; 6. The work before packaging is rough, the packaging is not tight, and the medicinal materials are easy to be polluted in the middle; 7. The decoration design is not exquisite, and the trademark is not featured; This machine adopts the lower type of oil cylinder, with low height and light weight. 8. It has many transportation packages and few sales packages; 9. The export of traditional Chinese medicine lacks an overall image and a unified national style. (medium package)

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