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Process advantages of using carton gluer to glue cartons

1 It is beneficial for paper enterprises to recycle old ink "> cartons. The recovery rate of packaging paper and cultural paper can be increased by only 3% without removing nails, which is conducive to environmental protection;

2. the cost is low. Compared with the nailing process, the use of adhesives can greatly reduce the cost. Especially in recent years, with the continuous emergence of rubber powder and new processes, and the rising price of steel, there is a good account between the two;

3. cartons are not damaged and corrugated, which can relatively improve the paper quality The strength of the box is conducive to the long-distance transportation of packaged products

4. It is more conducive to prevent the contents from being scratched by nails, especially when the contents are soft or liquid, follow the author's footsteps to analyze the contents, such as fresh milk boxes

5. It can greatly improve the production efficiency, especially the full-automatic box gluing machine, which can save manpower. One box gluing machine can replace three box nailing machines

6. It can be matched with the corresponding ink "> printing unit to form a one-stop carton production line.

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