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Process automation helps enterprises effectively reduce costs

Guide: experts predict that the sales revenue in 2012 will stagnate, and now the most important thing is to reduce costs. What role will process automation play in this regard? In the exhibition hall of achema2012, the media interviewed Phoenix Contact and abb

voice of Namur Association and ZVEI Association

in the exhibition hall setting of achema2012, hall 11, which spans two floors, provides a good display platform for exhibitors in the field of control, detection and automation technology. Dr. wolfgangmorr (top) of Namur Association and Dr. reinhardh PPE (bottom) of ZVEI Association participated in the formulation of this exhibition scheme

:achema2012 has made new adjustments in the exhibition hall layout. What convenience has the exhibition hall layout of control, detection and automation technology brought to the audience

morr h ppe: the exhibition organizers highlighted the importance of control, detection and automation technology with the new exhibition hall layout. This exhibition area mainly displays innovative technologies, making it easier for visitors to find the latest technologies in the new layout of the exhibition hall. In addition, ZVEI (German electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association), Namur (German measurement and control standards committee) and arc will jointly hold an automation forum in the dialogue in hall 11 to discuss hot topics such as how to improve energy efficiency, total cost within the service life cycle, control, detection, regulation, automation technology and security issues in IT technology, so as to bring more added value to the audience

mr. Stephan sagebiel, phoenix contact will die and decompose CT company

experts predict that the sales revenue of 20 hp and BASF will stagnate for 12 years as they prepare to strengthen their cooperative relationship, and now the most important thing is to reduce costs. What role will process automation play in this regard

stephan sagebiel, a sales engineer in charge of product sales in the process technology field of Phoenix Contact electric company, explained this

: how does automation technology help enterprises reduce production costs

stephansagebiel: in addition to vigorously developing energy intensive process technology and using special energy-saving technology to reduce energy costs, the maintenance of process equipment, replacement and repair of parts and components, and the resulting shutdown account for a large proportion of production costs. In the past few years, many process industry enterprises have been discussing how to use equipment asset management methods and total cost management methods to achieve savings. At present, many enterprises, including some small enterprises, start to consider on-demand maintenance of precision equipment such as tensile testing machines and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment when completing a project. Now, enterprises must invest more in the standardization of automation technology. For example, ne107 standard specifies the reading and analysis of classified data information for fault diagnosis of control valves and signal transmission devices. This shows that there are great differences in the digital field communication technologies applied by enterprises. Phoenix Contact provides users with a variety of different solutions, such as motor management equipment with different fieldbus protocols such as profibuspa, fundationfieldbus, wired and WirelessHART, which is a prerequisite for reducing production costs

When talking about how to reduce production costs and improve the production efficiency of process equipment, Mr. thomaskleegrewe, ABB's production manager responsible for driving and regulating technical products, said that the details of information connection equipment are very important

:mr. kleegrewe, do you have any good suggestions for reducing production costs

thomaskleegrewe: ABB provides users with a variety of automation products and solutions, which improves the production capacity of process equipment and reduces energy consumption. For example, the positionmasteredp300 digital electric valve positioner is suitable for different production occasions. The equipment can effectively complete the control and adjustment tasks within the range of compressed air flow of 5mg~50kg/h. Only one equipment can complete the air flow driving tasks with different flow rates, and the control and adjustment time is very short. In the process of adjustment, the device neither limits the adjustment quality nor requires a flow amplifier. It consumes very little, only 0.03kg/h, and is very stable. It reduces the components of the compressed air pressure tester and how to reduce the error of the tester, thus saving the cost. The applicable gas supply pressure range is 0.14~1mpa, and the maximum overload pressure it can withstand is 1.2MPa, without the use of pressure regulating valve. In addition, because there is no need for booster and filter pressure reducing valve, it improves the availability of production equipment, reduces the number of spare parts inventory, and saves space. ABB's products cover the whole process automation field and provide users with precision and reliable process control equipment. The simple integration technology in the process control system enables users to run without fault, and the installation cost is very low. While ensuring the production of high-quality products, the production cost is reduced, and the high availability of equipment is realized

pat: users of process analysis technology determine their development trend

enterprises are currently facing the pressure of cost, globalization and product quality. In the near future, process analysis and process automation will also be concerned. Pat technology development trend analysis report points out that process analysis is the only way to knowledge-based production. However, this road is not smooth. First, the investment cost of the introduction of knowledge-based process analysis system is very high, which hinders the process technology enterprises from introducing, digesting, absorbing and using this system. Therefore, it is urgent to promote the standardization of process analysis instruments and equipment. The core of this trend report is that users determine the future development of process analysis technology. Users have put forward many requirements for the field of chemical industry, including more use of biomass raw materials with very different compositions. After using the process analysis technology, the process in the process industry enterprise will not only be the chemical reaction process, but also include the pre reaction analysis process and post reaction analysis process. In the field of pharmaceutical product production, process analysis technology is also regarded as an important way to design production process and monitor drug quality. In the field of bioengineering, process analysis technology will guide people to understand the essence of bioengineering technology by using multi peak spectroscopy technology, and use their knowledge to produce biological products. Multi peak spectroscopy is a kind of combined detection technology that uses different wavelengths of light to detect the corresponding data information, or uses the same wavelength and different detection accuracy to obtain the corresponding data information. To introduce, digest, absorb and use process analysis technology, we must first formulate a set of technical training and education programs for industrial enterprises. At present, enterprises still lack process analysis technical talents in cross technology fields

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