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International giants and domestic cutting-edge gathered to accelerate the "four modernizations" process of industrial sensors

industrial sensors have become the key factors to improve the national industrial system with stringent performance index requirements and complex types. In the future, industrial sensors will become the focus of automatic instrument production. Therefore, made in China 2025 lists intelligent manufacturing core information equipment as one of the ten key areas, and plans that the short-term goal of new industrial sensors in 2020 is to increase the market share to 20%. At the 2016 China (Shanghai) International sensor technology and Application Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as sensor China), the Asia's highest specification sensor and IOT event, which will open in Shanghai on September, the Chinese and foreign representative manufacturers of industrial sensors and a series of innovative product technologies will naturally not be absent

Figure 1: some exhibitors in sensor China's industrial sensing field

compared with civil sensors, industrial sensors require higher stability, accuracy, operation safety and other aspects, and even zero error. Therefore, there is no throttling loss and overflow loss. The most commonly used and critical industrial pressure sensors in modern industrial equipment in many industries also show such a development trend. Honeywell, an exhibitor of sensor China and an international sensor and control core technology giant, recently launched a new PX3 series heavy-duty pressure sensor for HVAC and refrigeration equipment. This PX3 series sensor can maintain stable operation under the harsh external temperature environment of -30 ℃ to 50 ℃, and control the fluctuation of the total error range (TEB) within 1%

in contrast, in China, the microphone sensor, which has focused on the large-scale production of pressure sensors for 22 years and decided to participate in sensor China, also launched the mpm388 piezoresistive pressure sensor in mid July. Through advanced manufacturing technology, it has realized the linear conversion between the applied pressure and the output voltage signal. At present, it has been widely used in the field of aviation industry. Of course, these innovative products are just the tip of the iceberg of industrial sensors presented by sensor China this year

Figure 2: Honeywell and Mic sensor's latest industrial pressure sensor

how to explore the development trend of industrial pressure sensors with integration, multifunction, intelligence and miniaturization (hereinafter referred to as "four modernizations") as the core, and actively explore the unlimited application possibility of industrial pressure sensors in intelligent manufacturing will be the direction that domestic and foreign industrial sensor giants need to explore together. At the same time, although the design, R & D and application level of domestic industrial sensors are gradually improving, there are still many problems, such as the core technology has not really broken through, there is a large gap between the design, manufacturing, packaging and other process technologies and foreign countries, and the R & D and innovation ability is weak. All these make the localization rate of industrial sensors in the field of high-end intelligent manufacturing still low

as long as there are requirements for mechanical properties, the 2016 industrial pressure sensor summit held on September 13 with sensor China will invite representative enterprises at home and abroad to jointly discuss the current situation and future development trend of China's industrial pressure sensor industry and plan the future development route of China's industrial pressure sensors

this time, in addition to Honeywell and Mike sensors mentioned above, Wika, the global leader in the field of pressure measurement technology, Sensata, a world-class sensor product and service provider, and e+h, one of the leaders in the field of global automation, joined hands with domestic industrial sensing giants Chongqing Delson, Xi'an Zhongxing measurement and control, Nanjing wotian, and Beijing conster starter pump Electromechanical to attend, from pressure sensor material technology The development direction of pressure sensors in the future, the development status and prospects of global MEMS pressure sensors, the relationship and combination of pressure sensors and IOT, global pressure sensor standards and calibration technology, etc., discuss the opportunities and difficulties faced by the industrial pressure sensor industry, and actively explore the development direction of the industry. For example, in addition to the improvement of enterprise management and quality control, how domestic sensor enterprises focus on the overall layout of industrial ecology, Focus on the new industrial IOT field using MEMS technology and industrial sensor application software, which occupies the same important position as hardware, to realize overtaking in curves

Figure 3: list of sensor China's simultaneous meetings

it is reported that this meeting is only one of more than ten simultaneous wonderful meetings of sensor China. Sensor C is an indentation experiment method. China hopes to take advantage of the unprecedented exhibition in the industry and the simultaneous meetings covering the whole industry chain and industry scenes of sensors and IOT, such as the MSIG multinational industry event in the United States, industry conferences focusing on the vertical fields of IOT such as smart home, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, intelligent logistics, and special technology and application seminars on leti, magnetic sensing, sensor packaging and testing, Create the first grand event in the industry that combines sensors with applications and explores trends and technology. (please click at=conference to register for the 2016 industrial pressure sensor summit and sensor China industry conference at the same time)

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