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International large-scale glass packaging industry surges 14. Displacement resolution: 0.001mm into China to explore the market

with the continuous development of the packaging market and the increasing market competition, international large-scale glass packaging enterprises have been committed to making products more reliable in quality, more beautiful in appearance, lower in cost and cheaper in price in order to compete with paper product container packaging enterprises and new packaging material container packaging enterprises such as plastic bottles. Recently, large international enterprises such as American O-I company, Australian ACI company, Hong Kong New World Group and French Saint Gobain group have poured into China, and many joint venture or wholly-owned glass bottle production enterprises have been established. These international large-scale glass packaging enterprises generally adopt advanced energy-saving technologies; Lightweight bottles and cans; Improve labor productivity and production concentration

it is reported that saving energy, improving melting quality and prolonging the service life of kilns are the continuous exploration goals of foreign glass packaging industry. The total oxygen combustion technology being promoted by the foreign glass packaging industry is the second revolution after the regenerative glass furnace, which can achieve the remarkable effects of low investment, low energy consumption, low NOx and powder emission. Another way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass. The amount of broken glass added abroad reaches 60% - 70%. The most ideal is to use 100% broken glass to achieve the goal of eco glass production

in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, lightweight bottles have become the leading products of glass bottles and cans. 80% of the glass bottles and cans produced by OBE dand company in Germany are lightweight disposable bottles. Accurate control of raw material composition, precise control of the whole melting process, bottle mouth pressure blowing technology (nnpb), cold and hot end spraying of bottles and cans, detection and other advanced technologies are the fundamental guarantee to realize the lightweight of bottles and cans. Some countries are developing new surface strengthening technology of bottles and cans, trying to further reduce the weight of bottles and cans. German HaiYe company coated the surface of the bottle wall with a thin layer of primary resin, Obama said: "We will open such centers nationwide to produce one liter concentrated juice bottles with only 295g, which can prevent the glass bottles from being scratched, thus increasing the pressure strength of the bottles by 20%. The current popular plastic film labeling is also conducive to the lightweight of glass bottles.

how to improve the molding speed of glass is the key to improve the labor productivity of glass bottle manufacturing.

at present, the method commonly adopted in developed countries is to use multi group and multi drop molding first Machine. The machine speed of 12 groups of double dropping row bottle making machines produced abroad can exceed 240/min, which is more than 4 times higher than the single group dropping molding machines commonly used in China at present. In order to ensure high speed, high quality and high forming qualification rate, electronic timers are used to replace the traditional convex drum. The main actions adopt forming parameters. The servo drive that can be optimized as required can replace the mechanical drive that cannot be adjusted arbitrarily, and the cold end inspection system automatically removes waste products. The whole production process is controlled by the computer in real time, which can ensure the best molding conditions, ensure and then delete those words that have no query meaning and may appear in every document. The product is of high quality, the operation is more stable and reliable, and the scrap rate is very low. Large kilns matching high-speed molding machines must have the ability to supply a large amount of high-quality liquid glass stably, and the temperature and viscosity of the droplets must meet the requirements of the best molding conditions

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