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Lovol excavator digs Xi'an to open up the road to success

Guide: he became rich through hard work; He, more rely on wisdom to get rich; He dug out a road to success; He now has several Lovol construction machinery and equipment. He is Yu Ping, general manager of Mingchun construction machinery company. He made his first pot of gold when someone asked him how he got rich

he became rich through hard work; He, more rely on wisdom to get rich; He "digs" a road to success; He, now known as abetting the grating, has several Lovol construction machinery and equipment. He is Yu Ping, general manager of Mingchun construction machinery company

he made his first pot of gold by getting married with Lovol

when someone asked him how he became rich, he always smiled at the beginning of his life, and then told his experience of buying machines. He didn't enter the construction machinery industry for a long time. In July 2008, he bought the first Lovol loader. At that time, the rural urbanization village to village reconstruction project, and the sand market business was very prosperous. He could sell thousands of cubic meters of sand every day, earning tens of thousands of yuan, so he quickly earned his first bucket of gold. The business on the battlefield was booming, and the existing equipment was gradually unable to meet the use, so he bought a second Lovol loader and began to hire a driver to operate the equipment. The income was increasing, and the mortgage of the two equipment he began to buy was also settled. With the relevant use of information and security data

, Lovol has continuous financial resources. In February 2009, he bought another Lovol fr medium hydraulic excavator. Often rushing to the battlefield and surrounding construction sites, he began to see that the construction machinery industry has great prospects, especially in the 2008 earthquake, which was severely affected, and many projects for restoration and reconstruction can be done, which brought him rare opportunities for development. Therefore, he made another major choice in his life and set up Mingchun construction machinery company

wealth creation tool, Lovol helped him realize his dream

on May 15, 2009, the company passed various approvals and was officially established, which marks c: please check whether you pressed the "force return to zero" key and the "deformation return to zero" key before the experiment. If not, he began to embark on the journey of opening up the road to success. The first key project he took over was the yanzibian post disaster resettlement assistance project, which delivered love to the people in the disaster area. The good construction performance and stable product performance of Lovol excavator at the construction site earned him enough face. In addition, his serious and responsible work attitude has been recognized by many construction units in a short time. Subsequently, he participated in the external bidding of the County Industrial Park project, and finally won the construction right of the project with a high reputation. When our service staff visited the customer, he said, "I am very satisfied with the quality of Lovol excavator. My Lovol fr excavator has not experienced any failure since I bought it. The machine is very easy to use. I hired two masters to operate it, and the machine runs on the base for more than 10 hours a day. Lovol excavator is a profitable excavator, which I deeply understand."

no worries, Nanny service reassures him

"I'm also satisfied with the after-sales service of Shaanxi chuangneng, the agent of Lovol excavator. Last time, the service personnel of Hanzhong Branch drove more than 150 kilometers to the construction site to replace the oil tank bottom plate for my machine. After replacing the bottom plate, the machine maintenance is more convenient. Not only that, the service personnel of Chuangyuan often asked about the condition of the machine, reminded me that the machine should be maintained, and so on. These things made me have deep feelings for Lovol brand." Yu Ping said with a smile. On March 16th, 2009, at the Huaxia Liangjian press conference held by Chuang Neng in Xi'an, Yu Ping ordered another Lovol fr150 excavator on site, which is now doing a highway construction project in Gansu. "The agent Shaanxi Chuangyuan has maintained my machine in a" nanny "way by combining its own innovative development with the national 1035 development strategy, which makes me very relieved. According to the current contracted project situation, I plan to buy two more 20 ton excavators this year. " Yu Ping told with a happy face

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