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Lovol construction machinery helps the construction of China Laos railway project

Lovol construction machinery helps the construction of China Laos railway project

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recently, I learned in an interview that the construction of China Laos high-speed railway is in full swing. At the construction site of Laos section of China Laos Railway (boten Vientiane), dozens of Lovol construction machinery were busy at the construction site, becoming the "main force" of the railway construction, effectively ensuring the progress of the project

it is reported that the China Laos high-speed railway is 418 kilometers long and is expected to be completed in 2020. After completion, it will be the longest and fastest high-speed railway in Laos. This section needs to cross complex geographical and climatic environment areas, which requires engineering machinery and equipment not only to adapt to the harsh ecological and geological environment, but also to withstand complex construction challenges. After more than 10 years of development, Lovol engineering machinery has accumulated experience in large-scale project construction. From highway to railway, from bridge to tunnel, from port to airport, it can provide a full set of construction solutions, promote technological upgrading with scientific and technological innovation, and promote construction with digital intelligent products, providing high-quality guarantee for the construction of the the Belt and Road

Lovol engineering machinery, which participated in the construction of the China Laos railway project, has high product configuration, powerful, low fuel consumption, good controllability, and its performance has reached the international advanced level. Among them, excavator products adopt electronically controlled high-pressure common rail engine and celect fuel system to accurately control the fuel injection volume and time of the engine. The engine is always in the best working state to realize the continuous and stable production of important products such as engineering plastics, special engineering plastics, high-performance fibers, etc; 2. Focus on the high-end and serialization of products to be more fuel-efficient; Nm450 wear-resistant plate is used in the bucket, which increases the strength and wear resistance of the working parts by 40%, enhances the adaptability and durability, can adapt to the harsh working environment, and improves the working efficiency; The seat adopts mechanical shock-absorbing cab seat, which can be adjusted from multiple angles to improve the convenience and comfort of the driver. A series of comfortable designs embody Lovol's customer-centered principle

the product configuration of the loader has fully realized intellectualization. The intelligent interactive instrument and intelligent GPS system are used to form an intelligent monitoring network with the engine, GPS and sensors to monitor the working state of the whole vehicle "all-weather and seamless". When the whole vehicle has a fault, there will be an alarm, and the fault will be diagnosed quickly and accurately, which is convenient for maintenance and repair next year. In the face of harsh and complex construction conditions, Lovol products fully show the characteristics of intelligent, reliable, efficient, safe and comfortable products. More importantly, Lovol's equipment is easy to operate and maintain with high reliability, even in a complex and simple construction environment

in the process of railway construction, Lovol loaders and excavators are responsible for loading and unloading, transporting sand and gravel materials, hard rock excavation, crushing and other heavy-duty tasks. Mr. Yu, a construction manager from Hengyang, Hunan Province, said, "since the construction of more than 9 months, more than 30 Lovol loaders and excavators here have become the main force of construction. They are powerful, fuel-efficient, reliable and easy to maintain, and they are our right-hand assistants in construction."

China Laos railway is the first overseas railway project invested, constructed and operated by the Chinese side and directly connected with the Chinese railway. The whole line adopts Chinese technical standards and uses Chinese equipment. According to the plan, the railway will be open to traffic by 2020. After the completion of the railway, on the one hand, it will greatly stimulate the economic and social development of Laos. There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade exports, improve the local economic level, and create a large number of employment opportunities for Laos. On the other hand, it will also inject new impetus into the economic development of Southwest China. With the gradual promotion and implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, Lovol heavy industries will have more opportunities to participate in the infrastructure construction of countries along the "the Belt and Road" in the future and contribute to the local infrastructure construction

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