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Lovol engine national four products appear at Wuhan National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Lovol engine national four products appear at Wuhan National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

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on October, 2018 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition kicked off in Wuhan International Expo Center. A feast of agricultural machinery vision arrived as scheduled. Lovol engine comes with the new optimization and upgrading of L2000 series national four products, the self-determination of equipment, the steady improvement of water safety, and the positive results of energy conservation and emission reduction. On the first day of the exhibition, Lovol's booth was full of people. Customers actively studied these "new guys" with ultra-high appearance value, and expressed great praise and interest

it is understood that Lovol engine has grandly launched electronic controlled high-pressure common rail products that match tractors and harvesters and meet the domestic four-stage emission standards. This product adopts European four valve technology, low friction technology and advanced combustion airway matching technology, which truly realizes green energy saving and low emission. The eight key parts are newly optimized and upgraded. After matching the whole vehicle, the fuel consumption is 9.7% lower than that of competing products, and the fuel consumption is about 2000 yuan/operation season. Various technical design advantages are reflected incisively and vividly, providing a reliable power guarantee for emission upgrading

in recent years, Lovol engine has opened up a broad market by virtue of its advantages in technology, quality and cost performance, and its products are deeply trusted by the majority of users. With the improvement of the company's software and hardware strength and the further improvement of key technologies, the product quality will also be continuously improved. In the future, Lovol power will seize all opportunities to add impetus to the rapid development of China's engine industry

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