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Lovol excavator: build star products based on scientific and technological innovation

Lovol excavator: build star products based on scientific and technological innovation

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today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, Lovol excavator insists on taking scientific and technological innovation as the "source power" of enterprise development, constantly increasing scientific and technological investment, strengthening the cultivation of R & D talent team, and accelerating the creation of "world standard mid-range products"

China and Japan cooperated to build a professional R & D team

in 2014, Lovol excavator R & D system adjusted its organizational structure and process system, integrating Lovol excavator (Japan) R & D center and Lovol excavator (Qingdao) Research Institute, and spared no effort to build a more professional and international R & D team. Lovol excavator actively carries out activities of "borrowing wisdom" and "changing power", improves its R & D strength with the help of foreign experts, and trains existing R & D personnel to master advanced R & D concepts and methods. In terms of meeting the needs of customers, Lovol excavator Research Institute has implemented the "trilogy" strategy of building a regional sub center for new material testing, evaluation, testing and certification: that is, R & D personnel go to the market, investigate the operating conditions of excavators, make friends with excavator owners and machine operators, and listen to the voice of customers; Invite users to the company to hold a symposium to exchange their experience and collect the key points of product improvement; The R & D personnel personally drive the excavator to experience the performance and comfort of the product, and personally understand the user's feelings

Lovol excavators are ready for battle

in 2014, Lovol excavators took technological innovation as the carrier, relied on the "three princes of Lovol" to refine product positioning, challenged the high-end technology of the industry, upgraded the whole series of products, and launched a new Lovol "d" series of excavator products. This series of products broke through the core electronic system control technology of excavators, and achieved technical integration and perfect matching in power, hydraulic and electronic control. The original Lovol EDS intelligent control technology further realizes the flow control of "what you get is what you need". Through the application of hydraulic system "es+er" technology, the operation efficiency is improved by 8%; In terms of virtual simulation, ANSYS, Adams, AMESim, Simulink and other structural finite element analysis, kinematic mechanics simulation analysis, hydraulic simulation analysis, electronic control simulation analysis and other software are used for advanced virtual simulation verification. The excavation efficiency is increased by 6%, and the excavation force is increased by 8% of the shear resistance index (n) of the welding joints of the welding skeleton. At the same time, the appearance and interior configuration are newly upgraded, which not only meets the world's top safety standards, but also allows drivers to enjoy an excellent driving experience. At present, Lovol fr6 grinding and washing with water 0d excavator, Lovol fr65d excavator, Lovol fr220d excavator, Lovol fr225d excavator, Lovol fr260d excavator and other D series products have been successively introduced to the market

"develop a generation, reserve a generation". Lovol excavator not only focuses on the development of D series new products, but also represents the new generation of emission levels with the efforts of Lovol excavator R & D team. With continuous technological innovation, Lovol excavator focuses on Star products with better performance, more reliable quality and more comfortable driving experience, challenging the world-class technology stage

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